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Colossians and Philemon for Pastors S$34.00


The Trinity Foundation

Colossians and Philemon for Pastors

(by John Kitchen) A commentary on Colossians and Philemon that is both exegetical and expositional. Endorsement #1:Kitchen’s exposition of Colossians and Philemon is ideal for the busy pastor who loves serious Bible study. If you want to engage responsibly with biblical text, and yet get right to the point, Colossians and Philemon for Pastors will serve you well. It will guide you directly to the important questions to think through, with the added bonus of a practical ministry emphasis...
Commentaries for Biblical Expositors S$22.70


Kress Biblical Resources

Commentaries for Biblical Expositors

(by Jim Rosscup) Commentaries for Biblical Expositors is a compilation, annotation, and evaluation of more than one thousand commentaries, both old and new. This volume is a critical tool to employ when evaluating additions to your library, or before embarking on a fresh study of a new book of the Bible. Endorsement 1: "Dr. Rosscup has condensed a lifetime of personal research into these pages. His comments are judicious and his recommendations reliable . . . I commend this work to the present...
Commentaries on Paul's epistles S$22.10


The Trinity Foundation

Commentaries on Paul's epistles

Dr. Clark's commentaries on four of Paul's letters, Ephesians , Colossians , and First and Second Thessalonians , plus his monograph on Logical Criticisms of Textual Criticism , are combined in this one large volume. This new volume is completely re-typeset and fully indexed, and it contains the most up-to-date compilation of Dr. Clark's bibliography. All of Dr. Clark's commentaries are non-technical, written for the ordinary Christian, and are designed to explain the content of Paul's letters,...
Commentary on Isaiah S$39.30


Kregal publications

Commentary on Isaiah

(by Joseph Alexander) In this chapter-by-chapter and verse-by-verse commentary on Isaiah, the author succeeds admirably in making the prophet Isaiah's meaning clear. The scholarly and informative general introduction (over 70 pages) to the Book of Isaiah alone is worth the purchase price. As Dr. Unger points out in his Introduction, the author's unusual knowledge of Hebrew makes his work especially useful to students of the original text. The layperson, however, can benefit also due to Dr....
Commentary on the New Testament Use of the Old Testament S$51.80



Commentary on the New Testament Use of the Old Testament

(edited by G.K. Beale & D.A. Carson) Readers of the New Testament often encounter quotes or allusions to Old Testament stories and prophecies that are unfamiliar or obscure. In order to fully understand the teachings of Jesus and his followers, it is important to understand the large body of Scripture that preceded and informed their thinking. Leading evangelical scholars G. K. Beale and D. A. Carson have brought together a distinguished team of scholars to provide readers with a...
Commentary on the Psalms (abridged) S$33.30


Banner of Truth Trust

Commentary on the Psalms (abridged)

(by John Calvin) John Calvin was a practical and pastoral theologian. Like the Apostle Paul he worked tirelessly 'for the sake of the faith of God's elect and their knowledge of the truth, which accords with godliness' (Titus 1:1). For him knowledge of the truth was for living, and living was for the glory of God. All of Calvin's preaching, teaching, and writing was directed to this one great end, to serve the church of Jesus Christ so that all 'may obtain the salvation that is in Christ Jesus...

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