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12 Hidden Heroes S$7.40


12 Hidden Heroes

Many people dream of becoming rich and famous. We're fascinated by the people who seem important, but often we don't notice those who are working behind the scenes. Most of us are familiar with the famous Bible stories from the New Testament, but in this book Rebecca Parkinson looks at some of the stories from a different viewpoint, considering some of the unnoticed characters who are rarely mentioned but whose actions were used by God to make a massive difference.
Advice to the Young and Moral Cathechism S$8.90


Advice to the Young and Moral Cathechism

This book contains two historical reprints which Founder Noah Webster wrote to “enlighten the minds of youth in religious and moral principles and restrain some of the common vices of our country.” The moral catechism uses a series of questions to teach children qualities such as honesty, generosity, gratitude, and more. Written originally for youth, these works are invaluable today for all ages.
Anecdotes For Boys S$10.60


Anecdotes For Boys

This book was intended to be a supplement for  How To Be a Man , and contains numerous narratives with important moral and character-building lessons for youngboys. Subjects include brotherly affection, benevolence, government of the tongue, the formation of habits, and much more.
Bible Truths For Little Children: 5 Volumes S$35.10


Bible Truths For Little Children: 5 Volumes

Bible story books often take too many liberties to alter what the Bible says, in order to "simplify" it for children. But this rare set skillfully maintains great Biblical accuracy while re-telling the Bible stories in language the very young can easily understand! Many readers have marveled to us at how true to Scripture this set is. These volumes are some of the best Christian family reading we have, especially for children 8 and under.
Fun Projects for Hands-on Character Building S$15.10


Fun Projects for Hands-on Character Building

Create precious family memories as you dive into projects, activities, and games designed to teach kids obedience, self-acceptance, a forgiving spirit, meekness, hunger for righteousness, and a bold testimony. Written by a homeschooling family with 14 children, this character-building "tool chest" overfloweth! Revised edition includes color pictures and an updated list of resources. 156 pages, softcover from The Learning Parent.
How To Be a Lady S$18.20


How To Be a Lady

The ethical principles and practices outlined by the author of this volume constitute indispensible advice for Christian girls who desire to become godly women for the glory of God. Chapter titles include "Piety as the Spring of Action and Regulator of the Soul," "Treatment of Brothers and Sisters and Others in the Family," "Behavior at Table," "Choice of Society and Formation of Friendships," "Government of the Tongue," etc. This book should be...

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