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Children Guidance

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A Family Guide to Prince Caspian S$11.25


Crossway Books

A Family Guide to Prince Caspian

Readers of C. S. Lewis's Chronicles of Narnia realize that there is much more to these beloved books than talking animals, mystical creatures, and magic. Shimmering just below the surface of each story are spiritual treasures just waiting to be discovered. That's the purpose of this Family Guide. Parents, grandparents, teachers, homeschoolers, and youth workers can use it to light the way as they explore the wonderful world of Narnia with kids. Besides highlighting biblical parallels found in...
A is for Adam S$16.10


Master Books

A is for Adam

Fall in love with the dodo bird and his words of wisdom in this entertaining rhyme book that reveals the gospel message from creation to the New Heaven and New Earth. This is a unique, versatile, 3-part teaching tool that includes the fully illustrated rhyme gospel story, a devotional teaching book which includes a commentary on Genesis and student activities for each “letter” of the alphabet, and black and white coloring sheets that can be copied and colored by your children.  
A Patient Man from UZ S$10.50


Apologetic Press

A Patient Man from UZ

Illustrated story of Job.
A Token of Children S$22.70


Soli deo gloria publications

A Token of Children

“James Janeway (1636–1674) compiled numerous accounts of the conversions of young children and their testimonies prior to their early deaths to serve the spiritual well-being of children. Next to the Scriptures and Bunyan’s  Pilgrim’s Progress , Janeway’s book was the most widely read children’s book in the seventeenth century. “Cotton Mather (1663–1728), a Puritan pastor in New England, wrote his own account of children converted by God. That book, plus Janeway’s, are...
Absotively, Posilutely Best Evidence for Creation S$14.10


Master Books

Absotively, Posilutely Best Evidence for Creation

Created from the most popular ?Best Evidences? presentation of one of AiG?s most prolific speakers, The Absotively, Posilutely Best Evidence That God Created is a delightful story with a challenge: find the absolute best evidence that God created the world! Designed for children ages 8 to 14 and written in an entertaining style, the story shares the search for answers by students in a Sunday school class. They learn that the best evidence isn?t always what you see ? but the answer was there in...
Advice to the Young and Moral Cathechism S$8.90


Advice to the Young and Moral Cathechism

This book contains two historical reprints which Founder Noah Webster wrote to “enlighten the minds of youth in religious and moral principles and restrain some of the common vices of our country.” The moral catechism uses a series of questions to teach children qualities such as honesty, generosity, gratitude, and more. Written originally for youth, these works are invaluable today for all ages.

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