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Anecdotes For Boys S$10.60


Anecdotes For Boys

This book was intended to be a supplement for  How To Be a Man , and contains numerous narratives with important moral and character-building lessons for youngboys. Subjects include brotherly affection, benevolence, government of the tongue, the formation of habits, and much more.
Another Hive of Bees: Stories That Help Build Character for Chil S$10.50


Sure foundation

Another Hive of Bees: Stories That Help Build Character for Chil

Danny and Debbie, like their cousins, decide they want to spend some vacation time on the farm with their grandparents. For children who have only know city life- each day presents exciting opportunities for them to experience new situations- especially the first day, when they encounter a hive of angry bees. From this episode grandma chooses stories from her scrapbook and skillfully develops some character lessons for each evening bedtime BEESTORY.
Behind Mr.Bunyan S$5.00



Behind Mr.Bunyan

The story is told by Agnes herself, drawn from original sources, of her life as a twenty-year-old young woman who belonged to John Bunyan's church. The rich spiritual value of Agnes' story was recognized long ago and was often reprinted, and she tells her story humbly and winsomely. A remarkable testimony of faith under fire from one's own family members, but overcoming suspicion and animosity with devoted love!
Bible Explorer S$17.70


Christian Focus Publications

Bible Explorer

Strong foundations, moral values, biblical knowledge. They are all linked together. They are all things we want to see our kids go into life with. Today's life is a life of computers, instant information and the world wide web. Do you despair of trying to get your child to sit down and read a book? The Bible Explorer uses a hyperlink theme so that it can be read thematically as well as the normal way. Try this book. In an age of information technology this book has been designed to step into...
Bible History Catech OT:Saul to Return fr Captivity (Beg2of3) S$3.50


Gratia Dei Sola Media

Bible History Catech OT:Saul to Return fr Captivity (Beg2of3)

(by C. Hanko, edited by J.J. Lim) This is the second in a series of three books which treat the history of the Bible in story form for children from the ages of six to eight years.This second book treats the history from the beginning of Saul’s reign to the return of the Jews from captivity.The teacher will notice that generally only one or two events are treated in each lesson, rather than the many details. The teacher will use his own discretion in determining how much other...
Bible History Catech OT:Unfold God's Covenant Promise (Snr1of2) S$3.50


Gratia Dei Sola Media

Bible History Catech OT:Unfold God's Covenant Promise (Snr1of2)

(John A. Heys, edited by J.J. Lim) This catechism book is based upon the principle that Genesis 3:15 is the mother promise, the first announcement of the Gospel promise, and that all Old Testament history is the unfolding of that promise.We have, therefore, divided the entire period from creation to the birth of Christ into five periods, each period ending with a decisive victory for the Church in the fulfilment of this promise…The sixth victory is treated in New Testament...

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