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C.S. LEWIS - The Story Teller S$8.30


Christian Focus Publications

C.S. LEWIS - The Story Teller

Adventures into another world, stories of mystery and wonder, these are what fascinated and excited Clive. He was just a boy but would sit for hours writing stories where animals came to life and lived and spoke just like human beings. This little boy grew up to become the world famous writer C. S. Lewis. However throughout his life he preferred to be called Jack. The reasons for this peculiar change of name and other interesting facts and stories about C. S. Lewis are retold in this book. It...
Caleb's Lamb S$12.50


Reformation Heritage Books

Caleb's Lamb

Caleb never really wanted to be a shepherd. But when he rescued a newborn lamb from a tangle of thorns and was given it as his own, his feelings began to change. As the lamb grew, Caleb began to feel a special affection for it. How could have possibly known then, how much he would learn about the gospel through this simple relationship with a lamb? A story that makes the Biblical concept of "the Lamb of God" come alive!   " Caleb's Lamb   is a gripping, humbling...
Character Building Supplement (Juniors) S$3.50


Gratia Dei Sola Media

Character Building Supplement (Juniors)

(by J.J. Lim) This new booklet on the theme of character building is designed for those who completed the first two levels of Bible History Catechism. Naturally character building cannot be taught simply by memorisation. But these verses will give a good foundation to our children as they work on building their character through experience and the application of theWord. We would recommend that the children memorise at least the answer to the question (text for before the...
Children's Illustrated Bible S$24.20


New Leaf Press

Children's Illustrated Bible

An outstanding new edition of the Bible, with stunning illustrations on every page. Retold especially for children in clear, lively language that retains the poetry of the traditional text. Color photographs of plants, animals, people, and places of the Bible lands set the stories in context. Maps of the lands of the Old and New Testaments depict where events take place. Prepared in consultation with educators, scholars, and religious advisers. A special gift for children and a source of...
Concord Cunningham Coast to Coast: The Scripture Sleuth 4 S$9.00


Focus Publishing

Concord Cunningham Coast to Coast: The Scripture Sleuth 4

Concord is back with twelve more brain twisting mysteries, and this time he's cracking cases all across America! Is the restaurant in Montana serving stolen fish? Did someone cheat in the Great Turtle Race in Indiana? What will go terribly wrong in the parade in Maryland? There's only one what to discover the answers. Grab a Bible and join Concord on a cross-country Scripture Sleuth adventure loaded with fun, laughs and a mystery at every stop. As usual, Concord investigates a new case in each...
Concord Cunningham Pursues the Clues, The Scripture Sleuth 5 S$9.00


Focus Publishing

Concord Cunningham Pursues the Clues, The Scripture Sleuth 5

Concord Cunningham is an ace kid detective who has a Bible in his backpack, and who always solves the case! But Concord never gives away the solution. Instead, he gives you a Bible verse to look up at the end of each mystery, and that's where you'll find the final clue to the case. If you think you've solved the case, you can check your answer at the back of the book! In  Concord Cunningham Pursues the Clues , a gift from outer space is about to be stolen. Cheaters are about the win the Pine...

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