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Time with God S$3.30


Good Book

Time with God

Your introduction to a regular time with God. You may never have discovered how a regular 'quiet time' can help you grow and mature as a Christian. This short guide will help you get started. With daily readings, prompts and advice, it will encourage you to get established in a routine of engaging with God, and to discover the joy and liberty that comes from knowing Him. Join with the thousands of Christians around the globe who use Explore to help them read the Bible and pray every day.
Unanswered Prayer S$4.60


Gospel Standard Trust Publicat'n

Unanswered Prayer

(by G.D. Buss) The God-given privilege of prayer can never be overestimated. However, many believers become discouraged because some of their prayers seem to go unanswered and as a result their faith in the Lord Jesus is sometimes tested. The author, in seeking to address some of the difficulties that this trial of faith poses, exhorts and encourages the reader to pray on because the Lord does regard the prayer of the destitute, and not despise their prayer (Psalm 102:17).
Sing Aloud in Jesus' Name S$6.50


Gospel Standard Trust Publicat'n

Sing Aloud in Jesus' Name

(by B.A. Ramsbottom) Short biographies of 37 lesser-known hymnwriters with examples of their hymns.
Morning by Morning for Graduates S$7.00


Hendrickson Publishers

Morning by Morning for Graduates

(by Charles Spurgeon) Spurgeon has penned meditations, expressed simply but eloquently, that continue to draw readers to faith and obedience. This edition of his classic daily devotional is targeted specifically to students and graduates, who will appreciate his wise and timeless counsel. Special Features • A new topical index helps readers discover Spurgeon’s thoughts on various topics important to Christian life. • An index of texts lets readers find what Spurgeon had to say about a...
In the Care of the Good Shepherd S$7.40


Day One

In the Care of the Good Shepherd

(by Iain Campbell) There is probably no passage of Scripture with which people are more familiar than the twenty-third psalm. The words of the metrical version are among the best loved and most often sung of our Scottish Metrical Psalms. Every statement of the psalm is loaded with meaning and with significance and importance. Enjoy reading through these inspiring meditations on Psalm 23.
Praying for Revival S$7.40


Christian Focus Publications

Praying for Revival

(by Eric Hayden) How often have you heard prayers for Revival in public? How often have you prayed for Revival in private? As Christians, we all long for Revival. We read accounts of revivals in the past with a mildly repressed envy. We wish we would experience them in our local situation but having seen new methods come and go, too often we resign ourselves to failure. In this devotional book Eric Hayden reminds us of the necessity of prayer when we desire revival. Looking at the thirty-five...

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