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Devotion & Prayer

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Our god S$18.90


Our god

Do you yearn to know God better? Read this book thoughtfully and prayerfully. "Our God" may well be Octavius Winslow's very best book, for what better subject can a believer desire to meditate on than the character of the triune God whom he loves, worships and fears? And who is better suited to expound the grandeur and to stammer about the infinity of such a subject than this author who always seems to write profoundly and winsomely about the most sacred themes with remark-able...
Prayer and The Voice of God S$11.50


Prayer and The Voice of God

Prayer doesn't have to be a mystery or a burden. In this new Guidebook for Life , Phillip Jensen and Tony Payne open up what God himself says to us in the Scriptures about prayer, including what prayer really is, why we should do it and why we often don
The everlasting word S$35.30


The everlasting word

With great pleasure we offer this daily devotional of meditations from the late Rev. Frans Bakker (1919-1965). His devotionals and meditations proved to be comforting and edifying to many of God's people in the Netherlands. Writing in a simple but penetrating style, Bakker emphasized the fullnes of Christ for needy sinners. In "The Everlasting Word," all of Bakker's published meditations have been translated and compiled with additional selections from his sermons. We trust that the...
The fullness of Christ S$20.20


The fullness of Christ

With great pleasure, we offer Octavius Winslow's devotional treatment of the fascinating history of Joseph and his brothers. Winslow is perculiarly gifted at drwaing our minds and hearts toward the Greater Joseph and his brethen. His chapters on Christ revealing Himself to His people. Christ as our brother, and the glory of Christ in heaven are alone worth the price of the book
The power of prayer S$10.60


The power of prayer

Experience the power of dynamic Bible-based prayer with this practical handbook. Revive your prayer life. Revive the church prayer meeting. Surrender to the sovereignty of God. Experience the fire of God. Pray for the Procecuted. Pray for justice and see the course of history changed-by prayer!
What Happens When I Pray S$9.70


What Happens When I Pray

(by Thomas Goodwin & Benjamin Palmer) * What are we really doing when we pray? * To whom should we pray? * Why pray if our world functions by fixed scientific laws? * Should unconverted people pray? * What spiritual benefits are gained by praying? * What about prayers that are never answers? Such questions as these-and others-are most helpfully answered in this abridged version, written in today’s English, of two famous classics from the past by Thomas Goodwin (1600-1680) and Benjamin Palmer...

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