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Devotion & Prayer

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A Method for Prayer S$14.50


Christian Focus Publications

A Method for Prayer

(by Matthew Henry, edited by Ligon Duncan) Edited by Ligon Duncan. True prayer comes from the heart, so why do we need a method? The great devotional commentator and pastor shows here that Christians benefit from discipline just as much as talking freely with God. You will discover the methods Jesus taught, look at styles of prayer, and see helpful examples. Duncan has incorporated some of Henry's other work on prayer. About Matthew Henry Matthew Henry (1662-1714) is a beloved commentator, was...
A Month of Sundays S$10.10


Reformation Heritage Books

A Month of Sundays

(by Glenda Mathes) In today’s hectic and distressing world, demands and distractions agitate our spirits. Disasters trigger anxiety. Diseases generate pain. Despair creeps into our hearts. These influences displace our peace and keep us from resting daily in Christ and His Word. How can we recapture the concept of daily rest? In A Month of Sundays: 31 Meditations on Resting in God, author Glenda Mathes encourages us to pause our spinning thoughts and calm our fluctuating feelings as she helps...
A Place of Quiet Rest S$18.90


Moody Publishers

A Place of Quiet Rest

(by Nancy Leigh DeMoss) The God of the universe created us for a love relationship with Him! We long for that sweet intimacy with God, but it often seems so out of reach. Yet even in the busyness of daily life, we hear those whispers calling us, drawing us to sit at the feet of Jesus. Best-selling author Nancy Leigh DeMoss demystifies the process of coming to know God intimately. For over 10 years A Place of Quiet Rest has spoken to readers, helping them to a deeper relationship with Christ. In...
A Praying Life S$13.20



A Praying Life

(by Paul Miller) Author Paul Miller shares his insights and conclusions about how to connect the broken pieces of your life and allow prayer—even poorly delivered—to fill the gaps with meaning and substance. Miller's down-to-earth approach and practical nature will help you see that your relationship with God can grow and your communication with Him can get better. Parents will find Miller's family-life experiences especially helpful.
A Proverb a Day Keeps the Naughties Away S$13.90


Iron Sharpeneth Iron Publication

A Proverb a Day Keeps the Naughties Away

(by Being naughty is a serious matter! Unfortunately, today’s use of the word has made being “naughty” seem cute and elementary. By God’s standard, being naughty has nothing to do with our age but has everything to do with how we are and how we behave. With the help of Wisey Worm’s Bible reading guidelines, calendar, and memory cards found in this devotional, you can begin to form healthy patterns that move you farther away from being naughty and draw you closer to knowing God....
A Tree by a Stream S$11.80


Christian Focus Publications

A Tree by a Stream

(by Edmond Smith) Unlock the secrets of active meditation In a world which expects instant gratification and immediate success, spiritual meditation looks like hard work. Edmond Smith does not deny this, but still calls us back to this much-neglected discipline. We are given an insight into the lives of various figures in history who left an indelible mark on the church of their time and on subsequent generations. Each emphasised the need for serious contemplation of Scripture and we see how...

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