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Devotion & Prayer

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Beside Still Waters S$16.10


Thomas Nelson

Beside Still Waters

(by Charles Spurgeon, edited by Roy Clarke) A collection of Scripture-based readings that offer encouragement to individuals dealing with illness, loss, or other personal problems.
Bible Bites S$12.20


Twoedged Sword Publications

Bible Bites

(by Keith Foster) Quite often we associate the term 'devotional' with warm fuzzy thoughts; pleasant little nothings which give us a short-lived buzz that we soon forget as we go through our normal routines. However, true devotion is radically different from this idea. The word 'devote' literally means to give entirely and completely. It is rooted in the concept of a vow. In the Bible, to devote something to God means to give it entirely to Him. The aim of these devotionals, or 'devos', is to...
By Grace elected by Faith stay connected S$10.00


Thomas Nelson

By Grace elected by Faith stay connected

Have you read through 1 & 2 Chronivlrd and appreciated its message? Have you read through the nine chapters of names in 1 Chronicles and grasped the purpose? By
Christ and His Garden S$10.10


Other Publishers

Christ and His Garden

(by Nancy Offen) Christ and His Garden unveils the experiential life of loving intimacy that transpires between Christ and His bride in dialogue form between a beginner in grace (Hannah) and a seasoned believer (Grandpa Jennings). Writing with a spiritual sensitivity that reflects the Song of Solomon, Nancy Offen covers the major spiritual dimensions of spiritual life: first love, recovered love, guarded love, tested love, and impassioned love. Christ and His Garden is reminiscent of some of...
Come to the Waters S$22.70


Baker Books

Come to the Waters

(by James M. Boice) 365 Days of Life-Giving Devotions Beloved pastor and teacher James Montgomery Boice once said that the "study of the Bible must be the consuming passion of a believer's life." God's Word is like an endless stream of clear, revitalizing water that refreshes our spirits--but only if we drink deeply from it. Covering the full span of Boice's incredible lifetime of ministry, the devotional readings in Come to the Waters will teach you to draw upon the vast well of...
Comforting Hearts, Teaching Minds S$15.10


P & R Publishing

Comforting Hearts, Teaching Minds

(by Starr Meade) Starr Meade enables families with school-age children to participate in satisfying devotions together by taking them through The Heidelberg Catechism—explaining its answers in short devotional readings accompanied by relevant Bible passages. Starr Meade served for ten years as the director of children’s ministries in a local church and has taught Bible and Latin classes in Christian Schools. She lives in Mesa, Arizona, where she is currently teaching classes to...

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