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The Truth will set you free

Basic Reformed Faith

The Reformed faith can be defined as a theology that describes and explains the sovereign God's revelation of His action in history to glorify Himself by redeeming the elected men and women from the just consequences of their self inflicted depravity.

It is first an foremost a Thelogy (the study of God) not Anthropology (the study of man). Reformed thinking concentrates on developing a true knowledge of God which serve as a necessary context for all other knowledge. It affirms that the created world including humanity cannot be fully understood apart from its relationship with its creator. It explains God's revelation of himself and His action in humanity. It does not consists of people's attempt to define God.

Reformed Theologians uphpld the bible as the inspired, infallable, inerrant, authorative and fully sufficient communication of Truth from God to us. Two foundational truths structured their thinking about the relationship: God is absolutely sovereign and people are absolutely depraved....

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