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Science and Faith

People travel to wonder at the height of mountains, at the huge waves of the sea, at the long courses of rivers, at the vast compass of the ocean, at the circular motion of the stars, and they pass themselves by without wondering. (Augustine)

Great are the works of the Lord; all who research them find pleasure therein (Psalm 111:2)

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The Dark Side of Charles Darwin S$14.10


Master Books

The Dark Side of Charles Darwin

(by Jerry Bergman) A single man stands behind the greatest deception in history. Charles Darwin's ideas still penetrate every aspect of our culture, including science, religion, and education. And while much has been made of his contribution to the evolutionary hypothesis, little has been publicized about the dark side of the man himself and how this may have impacted the quality and legitimacy of his research. This daring and compelling book takes its readers behind the popular facade of a man...
The design and the origin of birds S$14.50


Day One

The design and the origin of birds

Birds are amongst the world's most beautiful and beloved creations, so it is unsurprising that they have been so widely studied. This book examines closely their wonderful aerial lifestyle and unique, warm-blooded design - often so different from the cold-blooded dinosaurs that they are claimed to have accidentally "evolved" from! Especially as they often precede dinosaurs in the fossil record and their miraculous genetics, as ours, speaks of special Creation - not random "Big...
The Faces of Origins S$14.10


Joshua Press

The Faces of Origins

(by David Herbert) Contemporary scientists, such as Richard Dawkins, have loudly proclaimed that evolutionism is an undeniable fact. They seem oblivious to the historical reality that the naturalistic assumptions of evolutionism mirror the supernatural ones of creationsim. The face of origins demonstrates the historical interdependence of these two opposing religious systems in posing answers to the question of the origin of the universe and human life. “This is not another book presenting...
The Genesis 'Gap Theory':Its Credibility and Consequences S$13.30


Twoedged Sword Publications

The Genesis 'Gap Theory':Its Credibility and Consequences

(by Michael Phelan) The interpretation of Genesis 1:1-2 has taxed the minds of exegetes for many years. The controversy has centred upon whether or not there is a chronological gap of unspecified duration within the compass of what, at first glance, seems to be continuous narrative. This proposed gap is the basis of what might be termed theories-of-accommodation. By some the proposed gap is used to accommodate the alleged vast ages of cosmic, geological, and biological evolution, and has...
The Genesis Files S$15.90


Master Books

The Genesis Files

Many Universities teach evolution as fact; museums tell us that history dates to millions of years. Surely by now,  everyone (especially scientists)  believes that the earth and it inhabitants have evolved over millions and billions of years to the present. Everyone? Well, no , not everyone. Millions ( including scientists) are still holding to the truths of Genesis and the Bible. Presented within this book are 22 interviews with scientists from around the world who believe in a literal...
The Genesis Flood (50th Anniversary Ed.) S$17.10


P & R Publishing

The Genesis Flood (50th Anniversary Ed.)

(by John Whitcomb & Henry Morris) Presents a thorough system unifying and correlating scientific data in the early earth’s history. Whitcomb and Morris propose a biblically-based system of creationism and catastrophism. A modern classic, this title has become required reading for creationists. "One of the most important books of the past century." —John F. MacArthur Jr.

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