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Creed Catechism & Confessions

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A Beginning Course in the Compendium of Reformed Doctrine S$3.00


Reform fellowship

A Beginning Course in the Compendium of Reformed Doctrine

(by Peter DeJong & John Sittema) A simplified study course of the Heidelberg Catechism. Intended for fifth and sixth graders. 52-page booklet
A Body of Divinity S$16.10


Banner of Truth Trust

A Body of Divinity

(by Thomas Watson) One of the first books published by the Trust, this has been one of the best sellers and consistently the most useful and influential of our publications. There are several reasons for this: 1.The subject of the book. It deals with the foremost doctrinal and experimental truths of the Christian Faith. 2. The means of instruction used. It is based on the Westminster Assembly’s Shorter Catechism, in which the main principles of Christianity that lie scattered in the...
A Faith Worth Teaching S$30.30


Reformation Heritage Books

A Faith Worth Teaching

(edited by Jon Payne & Sebastian Heck) For 450 years, churches throughout the world have been using the Heidelberg Catechism (1563) to instruct God’s people in foundational Christian doctrine. When Elector Frederick III (1515–1576) commissioned the preparation of a manual for instructing the youth and guiding the pastors and teachers of his domain, he could not have imagined the profound effect it would have on future generations of Christians. The most widely used, most influential...
A Harmony of the Westminster Presbyterian Standards S$30.10


Other Publishers

A Harmony of the Westminster Presbyterian Standards

(by James Benjamin Green) With explanatory notes
A specimen of divine truth S$7.60


A specimen of divine truth

Now reprinted in a larger, easier to read format, this catechism book has been extensively used by Reformed denominations over the centuries for instructing young people. He covers the major doctrines of Reformed truth concerning God, man, Christ, salvation, the church, and the last things. This edition is freshly translated by Joel R. Beeke, who also provides a biographical sketch of the author.
Annotations to the Heidelberg Catechism S$17.50


Inheritance Publications

Annotations to the Heidelberg Catechism

(by J. Van Bruggen) John A. Hawthorne in Reformed Theological Journal: . . . The individual Christian would find it a constructive way to employ part of the Sabbath day by working through the lesson that is set for each Lord's Day. No one can study this volume without increasing his knowledge of truth and being made to worship and adore the God of all grace. This book will help every minister in the instruction of his people, both young and not so young, every parent in the task of...

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