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The federal vision and covenant theology S$28.50


P & R Publishing

The federal vision and covenant theology

It is clear from reading The Federal Vision and Covenant Theology that the new Federal Vision theologians truly desire to be biblical in their understanding and presentation of the Christian (and Reformed) faith. This goal all of us gladly share. What we most earnestly want is not victory in theological debate but unity in biblical understanding. We are indebted to Waters for advancing the discussion along biblical lines
The Charismatics and the Word of God S$26.90


Evangelical Press

The Charismatics and the Word of God

(by Victor Budgen) This out-of-print book by Victor Budgen provides one of the most comprehensive treatments of the Charismatic movement today. In the opening chapters he meticulously analyzes prophecy and tongues from a thoroughly biblical perspective and speaks to the validity of those gifts and their continuation. The second half of the book provides an historical overview of charismatic beliefs and practice as seen from the second century A.D. down to the remarkable growth of Pentecostalism...
Wandering Stars S$25.20


Solid Ground Christian Books

Wandering Stars

(by Keith Gibson) "The author of 'Wandering Stars', Keith Gibson is both a pastor and a staff-member with us at the Apologetics Resource Center, where I am the director. These two callings provide Keith with a healthy blend of sound doctrine (and correcting heresy, 1 Tim. 1:3-7), and its application in shepherding the flock. Early on in the book Keith addresses the first hurdle of the opposing views on whether miraculous spiritual gifts continue today or have ceased. Keith explains the...
Man as God: The Word of Faith Movement S$22.00


Footstool Publications

Man as God: The Word of Faith Movement

(by Curtis Crenshaw) John F. MacArthur writes the foreword to MAN AS GOD: THE WORD OF FAITH MOVEMENT, and Michael Scott Horton puts his recommendation on the back cover. The most thorough treatment of this movement so far, tracing its origin, beliefs, persons, and with all thoroughly documented. Not only is their error given but also the biblical alternative is presented. Extensive indexes included.
Counterfeit Miracles S$20.10


The Trinity Foundation

Counterfeit Miracles

(by Benjamin Warfield) This book is based on a series of lectures on counterfeit miracles that Professor Benjamin Warfield of Princeton Theological Seminary delivered in 1918; they are as relevant and as important today as they were ninety years ago. Warfield, one of the most accomplished theologians of the twentieth century, a Professor at Princeton Seminary for more than 30 years, and a prolific systematic theologian, defends and expresses once again the skepticism commanded by Christ in...
The Healing Promise S$19.40


Christian Focus Publications

The Healing Promise

(by Richard Mayhue) God can heal, this is a truth clearly evident from scripture. We can agree, with absolute certainty, that God still possesses the power to do the miraculous. In The Healing Promise Richard Mayhue Provides straight answers without compromising the Bible or God's miraculous power. The Healing Promise includes - A special interview with Joni Eareckson Tada where she talks about coping with the attitudes towards healing she encounters every day A chapter by André Kole, the man...

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