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A companion to the current justification controversy S$10.00


The Trinity Foundation

A companion to the current justification controversy

This book contains a 70-page essay detailing the roots of the justification controversy in Reformed churches in Neo-orthodoxy, Romanism, the New Perspective on Paul, Reconstructionism, Biblical Theology, Richard Gaffin, Herman Bavinck, and Cornelius Van Til; and the fruits of the controversy in the Kinnaird case in the OPC and the Auburn Avenue Presbyterian Church in the PCA. In addition, Robert Reymond contributes a scholarly essay on the New Perspective on Paul. The volume also provides hard...
A Different Gospel S$15.00


Hendrickson Publishers

A Different Gospel

(by D.R. McConnell) A Different Gospel, a book for the heart and the mind, is must reading for those who seek reliable information about the Word of Faith movement. Every Christian should read this book in order to be aware of the dangerous implications of the widespread and cultic Word of Faith movement preaching what is popularly known as “Name It and Claim It” theology. A Different Gospel is a bold and revealing examination of the biblical and historical basis of this movement. This new...
Altar to an Unknown Love S$13.80


Armoury Ministries

Altar to an Unknown Love

(by Michael John Beasley) Rob Bell’s Love Wins has been condemned by evangelicals who are, at the same time, professed admirers of authors from whom Bell has drawn, namely, George MacDonald and C.S. Lewis. Beasley challenges the consistency of this procedure, and if his book is taken seriously – as it deserves to be – it must promote more controversy, for MacDonald and Lewis are widely respected figures. A reconstructed presentation of the love of God – to be found in all the authors...
Beyond the bounds S$15.90


Crossway Books

Beyond the bounds

"Everyone who believes in God at all believes that He knows what you and I are going to do tomorrow." --C. S. Lewis This understanding of God’s foreknowledge has united the church for twenty centuries. But advocates of "open theism" are presenting a different vision of God and a different view of the future. The rise of open theism within evangelicalism has raised a host of questions. Was classical theism decisively tainted by Greek philosophy? How should we understand...
Counterfeit Gospels S$10.60


Moody Publishers

Counterfeit Gospels

(by Trevin Wax) What if the biggest danger to the church of Jesus Christ is not blatant heresy, the moral failures of church leaders, persecution, the rise of Islam or the loss of our rights? What if the biggest threat is counterfeit gospels within the church, ways of thinking and speaking about the good news that lead to a gradual drift from the truth of Scripture? The gospel is like a three-legged stool. There's the Gospel Story - the grand narrative of Scripture (Creation, Fall, Redemption,...
Counterfeit Miracles S$20.10


The Trinity Foundation

Counterfeit Miracles

(by Benjamin Warfield) This book is based on a series of lectures on counterfeit miracles that Professor Benjamin Warfield of Princeton Theological Seminary delivered in 1918; they are as relevant and as important today as they were ninety years ago. Warfield, one of the most accomplished theologians of the twentieth century, a Professor at Princeton Seminary for more than 30 years, and a prolific systematic theologian, defends and expresses once again the skepticism commanded by Christ in...

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