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Counterfeit Miracles S$12.00


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Counterfeit Miracles

(by B.B. Warfield) More than sixty years after his death B.B. Warfield’s witness remains a powerful influence in main-stream Christianity simply because no successor has attained to his eminence as a biblical theologian. In his years at Princeton, 1886-1921, he was unquestionably the best-known opponent of the rationalism and antisupernaturalism which threatened the life of the Church in the 20th Century; for him a non-miraculous Christianity was no Christianity at all. But with his breadth...
Counterfeit Revival S$19.20


Thomas Nelson

Counterfeit Revival

Hank Hanegraaff documents the danger of looking for God in all the wrong places and goes behind the scenes into the wildly popular and bizarre world of contemporary revivalism. Hanegraaff masterfully exposes the stark contrast between these deeds of the flesh and a genuine work of the Spirit by contrasting modern "revivals" with the scriptural examples of God's movement among His people.
Falling Short S$6.70


Day One

Falling Short

(by Chris Hand) With its well designed materials, and ready to use format, many churches throughout the UK have taken up the Alpha course enthusiastically. Many others are considering whether they could use it to boost their evangelism by making the most of its apparent runaway success. But are we hearing the full story? Chris Hand has carefully observed the development of the Alpha Course over several years and offers an overview of its aims and methods, and asks whether it provides an...
Fast Facts on False Teachings S$14.70


Harvest House Publishers

Fast Facts on False Teachings

(by Ron Carlson & Ed Decker) World–renown cult experts Ron Carlson and Ed Decker combine their extensive knowledge to give readers quick, clear facts on the major cults and false teachings of today. Short, informative chapters contrast the cults’ theologies with the truth found in God’s Word. Readers will discover the key facts on— Atheism Buddhism Evolution Hinduism Islam Satanism And more Fast Facts® on False Teachings is an easy–to–use resource that provides powerful insights...
Federal Vision: Heresy at the Root S$14.80


Reformed Free Publishing Assoc.

Federal Vision: Heresy at the Root

(by David Engelsma) The contemporary heresy of the Federal Vision is wreaking havoc in the Reformed and Presbyterian churches in North America and other parts of the world. Today’s Christian needs not only to be aware of it but armed against it. Prof. Engelsma helps us here by exposing the ugly root of the heresy (a conditional covenant), setting forth the truth of the unconditional covenant and proclaiming the Reformation’s gospel of salvation by grace alone! CONTENTS Part 1: Eradicating...
Getting the Gospel Right S$10.20


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Getting the Gospel Right

(by Cornelis Venema) Every generation of Christian believer faces the challenge of proclaiming the gospel of Jesus Christ with integrity and in conformity to the teaching of the Scriptures. But what do the Scriptures teach with regard to the central message of the gospel? Were the Reformers correct to insist that the good news of God’s gracious and free acceptance of guilty sinners, on the basis of the obedience and atoning sacrifice of Christ, lies at the heart of the gospel? Or are we to...

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