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Man as God: The Word of Faith Movement S$22.00


Footstool Publications

Man as God: The Word of Faith Movement

(by Curtis Crenshaw) John F. MacArthur writes the foreword to MAN AS GOD: THE WORD OF FAITH MOVEMENT, and Michael Scott Horton puts his recommendation on the back cover. The most thorough treatment of this movement so far, tracing its origin, beliefs, persons, and with all thoroughly documented. Not only is their error given but also the biblical alternative is presented. Extensive indexes included.
No Other God S$15.10


P & R Publishing

No Other God

(by John Frame) The theological movement known as open theism is shaking the church today, challenging the Reformed doctrines of God’s sovereignty, foreknowledge, and providence. In this timely work, John M. Frame clearly describes open theism and evaluates its biblically. He addresses questions such as How do open theists read the Bible? Is love God’s most important attribute? Is God’s will the ultimate explanation of everything? Do we have genuine freedom? Is God ever weak or...
Not Reformed at All S$10.00


The Trinity Foundation

Not Reformed at All

This is a response to and refutation of Douglas Wilson's book, "Reformed" Is Not Enough: Recovering the Objectivity of the Covenant . Wilson is a spokesman for both the Classical-Christian school movement and the Neolegalist movement, which makes one's salvation depend on one's performance. In his book, "Reformed" Is Not Enough , Wilson invents a new covenant, which he calls the "objective covenant", and denies the Covenant of Grace taught in Scripture. 
Only One Baptism of the Holy Spirit S$4.40


Wakeman Trust

Only One Baptism of the Holy Spirit

(by Peter Masters) When is the believer baptised with the Spirit, and what happens? How does assurance come? Is the believer to struggle with sin, or does the Lord fight the battle? What is the filling of the Spirit? Clear answers with proof texts. Suitable for study groups and classes.
Prophecy Today S$8.90


Evangelical Press

Prophecy Today

(by Jim Thompson) It is now over one hundred years since the Azusa Street Revival in Los Angeles, California, and with that the beginning of the Pentecostal movement.  Some sixty years later we have the beginning of the 'Charismatic Movement' as churches in the mainline denominations started to adopt aspects of Pentecostal theology and practice.   Since these beginnings the subject of prophecy has been catapulted high up the agenda for evangelicals. What is the nature of prophecy? How...
Rapture Fiction and the Evangelical Crisis S$11.80


Evangelical Press

Rapture Fiction and the Evangelical Crisis

(by Crawford Gribben) This book describes and assesses the best-selling novels in early twentieth-century America - the Left Behind novels, a series of evangelical apocalyptic fictions, which have sold over 60 million copies since 1995.   No-one can doubt the series' success, but many are challenging their representation of the Gospel. This book is written with the concern that Rapture novels might be a much less reliable guide to the Christian gospel than their many millions of readers...

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