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Reasoning from the Scriptures with Jehovah's Witnesses S$18.10


Harvest House Publishers

Reasoning from the Scriptures with Jehovah's Witnesses

(by Ron Rhodes) Christians have great news to offer Jehovah’s Witnesses. In this revised and updated version of the top–selling Reasoning from the Scriptures with the Jehovah’s Witnesses (more than 90,000 copies sold), author and Bible expert Ron Rhodes helps readers delve into the Bible and use practical tools to share God’s truths with those who come calling. Convenient side–by–side comparisons of the New World Translation and the Bible, along with answers to each doctrinal error...
Reinventing Jesus S$17.10


Kregal publications

Reinventing Jesus

(by J. Ed Komoszewski, M. James Sawyer & Daniel B. Wallace) From the worldwide phenomenon of The Da Vinci Code to the national best-seller Misquoting Jesus, popular culture is being bombarded with radical skepticism about the uniqueness of Christ and the reliability of the New Testament. Reinventing Jesus cuts through the rhetoric of extreme doubt expressed by these and several other contemporary voices to reveal the profound credibility of historic Christianity. Meticulously researched,...
Signs and wonders S$11.30


Timeless Texts

Signs and wonders

Christians of all sorts have wondered about the matter of signs and wonders.
Signs of the Apostles S$10.10


The Banner of Truth Trust

Signs of the Apostles

(by Walter Chantry) How should the Christian assess the contemporary claims about spiritual gifts? In Signs of the Apostles Walter Chantry describes the worldwide spread of the charismatic movement and discusses its significance. He believes God is still working in the world today. But it is his conviction that miraculous powers are no longer placed in the hands of individual men and women. Every recorded instance of the reception of miraculous power in the New Testament Church occurred through...
Spirit of Truth S$4.60


Gospel Standard Trust Publicat'n

Spirit of Truth

(by J.R. Broome) In this booklet the work of the Holy Spirit is considered. Emphasis is laid on the new birth, preaching, prayer and godliness. Also considered are the Holy Spirit's gifts of tongues, healing, miracles, prophecy and divine direction. The question is examined as to how far such gifts exist in the church today.
Stirrings of the soul S$14.50


Matthias Media

Stirrings of the soul

The explosion of interest in spirituality in our society is nothing short of phenomenal. New Age, feminist, environmental, occult, animal, vegetable and mineral... While 'religion' and 'Christianity' arouse little enthusiasm from a disinterested and cynical public, 'spirituality' draws a crowd. Among Christians, too, there is a flourishing interest in developing a greater 'spirituality'. Many who love the Lord Jesus Christ and long to please him seem frustrated that their spiritual lives

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