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False Teaching/ Heresies

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Strange Fire (pb) S$16.10


Thomas Nelson

Strange Fire (pb)

(by John MacArthur) What would God say about those who blatantly misrepresent His Holy Spirit; who exchange true worship for chaotic fits of mindless ecstasy; who replace the biblical gospel with vain illusions of health and wealth; who claim to prophesy in His name yet speak errors; and who sell false hope to desperate people for millions of dollars? The charismatic movement has always been a breeding-ground for scandal, greed, bad doctrine, and all kinds of spiritual chicanery. As a movement,...
Test the Spirits S$14.80


Premier Publishing

Test the Spirits

(by J. Faber, W. Huizenga, Cl. Stam, C. Van Dam, and G. Van Dooren) A series of essays about sects and ideas which confuse the mind of the believer. Sects and ideas dealt with are: Jehovah Witnesses; Neo-Pentecostalism; Horizontalism; Mormonism; Roman Catholicism; Dispensationalism.
The Charismatic Phenomenon S$3.10


Wakeman Trust

The Charismatic Phenomenon

(by Peter Masters & John Whitcomb) The authors describe the purpose of the sign-miracles and revelatory gifts of New Testament times, and their precise nature. Were they intended to be ongoing in the life of the church? Numerous questions are here answered, such as, "What exactly are the greater works of John 14.12?" and "Are the signs following, referred to in Mark 16, for today?" This work has been helpful to many thousands, having passed through numerous printings in...
The Charismatics and the Word of God S$26.90


Evangelical Press

The Charismatics and the Word of God

(by Victor Budgen) This out-of-print book by Victor Budgen provides one of the most comprehensive treatments of the Charismatic movement today. In the opening chapters he meticulously analyzes prophecy and tongues from a thoroughly biblical perspective and speaks to the validity of those gifts and their continuation. The second half of the book provides an historical overview of charismatic beliefs and practice as seen from the second century A.D. down to the remarkable growth of Pentecostalism...
The Corinthian Catastrophe S$8.10


Kregal publications

The Corinthian Catastrophe

(George Gardiner) An outstanding exposition that contrasts scriptural principles with charismatic practices based on the experience of the church at Corinth. Also available in Spanish!
The current justification controversy S$10.00


The Trinity Foundation

The current justification controversy

This is the only book-length account of the Norman Shepherd controversy in the Orthodox Presbyterian Church and Westminster Theological Seminary ever published. That controversy lasted 7 years (1975-1982) and was never properly resolved by either the Seminary or the denomination. Written at the time of the controversy, Robertson's manuscript was suppressed by the faculty of Covenant Seminary, which refused to publish it in in its academic journal Presbuterion for fear of offending the faculty...

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