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Why Join a Church?


Orthodox Presbyterian Church

Why Join a Church?

(by Mark Brown & Larry Wilson)
Is TV Really So Bad? S$0.30


Other Publishers

Is TV Really So Bad?

(by Joel Beeke) At the very heart and centre of our modern entertainment spirit stands TELEVISION. Our society has become TELE-HOLIC. On a night when wives do not leave home, 95 out of 100 will spend it watching TV and 85% of their husbands will do likewise. Among teenagers, 80% will follow their parents' example, and 75% of children will also spend their evening drinking in the sin shown on TV.A television owner usually becomes addicted to TV with respect to (A) TIME, (B) SIN, and (C)...
When Money Disappears Overnight S$0.40


Matthias Media

When Money Disappears Overnight

(by Gordon Cheng) In a timely, six-page evangelistic leaflet, Gordon Cheng reflects on Luke 12:13-21. He points to the reality that, although we can lose our wealth in an instant, whether through stock market failures, death or some other terrible turn of events, there is a greater crash coming; a crash that lies in wait for anyone who dies unprepared to meet God and face his assessment of us.
Behaviour for Young Christians S$0.60


Sovereign Grace Advent Testimony

Behaviour for Young Christians

(by E.J. Poole-Connor)
How Can I Find God Today? S$0.70


Day One

How Can I Find God Today?

(by Gerard Chrispin) Humankind is naturally inquisitive, and the inbuilt desire to know God is compelling. But is God there to be found? If so, how can I find Him? This booklet offers honest enquirers some avenues to explore. It deals with problems people face in seeking God today, and addresses issues that hinder their search in today’s world that is so hostile to Christianity.
Israel's Conversion... When? S$0.70


Sovereign Grace Advent Testimony

Israel's Conversion... When?

(by Herbert W. Butt)

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