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A call to scripture memory S$3.80


A call to scripture memory

Discover the joy and blessing of memorizing Scripture. This helpful booklet will teach you why, what, how and when to memorize even entire books of the Bible.
A loving encouragement to flee worldlines S$3.15


A loving encouragement to flee worldlines

Bringing the gospel to covenant children S$5.00


Bringing the gospel to covenant children

This booklet gives practical guidance on how to evangelize covenant children and how to make the home a nursery for heaven. The book first explains how parents fail to understand the role of the covenant in their children's lives and then details how to use prayer, family worship, teaching, everyday conversation and mentoring to evangelize children. Dr. Beeke provides a needed guide for a parent's most important and difficult task.
Holocaust in Rwanda S$6.10


Holocaust in Rwanda

On 6th April 1994, one of the most dreadful campaigns of mass murder was unleashed upon the Tutsi people of Rwanda. In just 100 days, more people had been slaughtered with machetes and clubs than had died from atomic weapons in all of history. The horrific massacres in homes, hospitals, churches and on the streets, are documented with shocking photographs in Holocaust in Rwanda. More importantly, the author, Dr. Peter Hammond, relates the events leading up to the intense and widespread violence...
Mighty Men S$4.50


Mighty Men

Christian men so often find the task of family leadership so daunting, we withdraw from it into a distant uninvolvement--leaving the wife and children with the impression that we don't care enough to lead, or don't want to, when the heart of the problem often is, we're frightened of it. Or we don't want to admit that we lack the tools or how-to training. John Crotts has written this brief booklet, in hopes of providing something of a "starter kit" of tools for men who are reluctant to...
The duties of parents S$3.70


The duties of parents

The best brief summary we know of describing the goals of parents which God holds them to account for. This booklet provokes much further thought than its few pages contain and will help any family re-assess their goals according to Scripture. This tiny booklet on Christian parenting may well be one of the most challenging and insightful tools you ever read, to train yourselves for the biblical responsibility of child rearing

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