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A loving encouragement to flee worldlines S$3.15


A loving encouragement to flee worldlines

A Seeker's Problems S$1.20


Other Publishers

A Seeker's Problems

(by Peter Masters) Often when people are convinced of the need for conversion to Christ they experience difficulty in seeking and finding Him as Saviour. This booklet answers ten problems encountered by serious seekers. These are not questions or doubts about the faith, but personal hindrances in approaching Christ, by faith. Many seekers have been helped by the advice given here.
A Sermon of Repentance S$2.50


Pietan Publications

A Sermon of Repentance

(by Arthur Dent) Arthur Dent was a learned and pious minister in 16th century England. This sermon from the text of Luke 13:5 was widely distributed during his life. He states therein: "By this time I hope you see what is repentance for sin. It is not every sorrow, but sorrow for sin; not for some sin, but for all sin; not for an hour, but forever; not for a day, but continually; not for a week, but as long as we live." "Repentance is an inward sorrowing, and continual mourning of the heart and...
A.D.D. S$3.00


P & R Publishing


Easy distractibility or forgetfulness Mouths, arms, hands, and legs that run ahead of thinking Impulsive decisions, chronic difficulties meeting deadlines, mistaken notions of one’s own abilities . . . behaviors often associated with Attention Deficit Disorder. What is ADD? What are the strengths and weaknesses of ADD children? What can be done about this puzzling disorder? Noting both the challenges and responsibilities of ADD children, Edward T. Welch clarifies the physical and spiritual...
Am I Called? S$5.00


P & R Publishing

Am I Called?

(by George Robertson) George Robertson explains the call to ministry and ways to assess a call. He also examines the nature of ministry itself and helps us to evaluate our gifts for service. Ultimately inspiring. This gem on assessing one’s calling to the ministry . . . will provide sound guidance and joyful affirmation. Bryan Chapell, Chancellor, Covenant Theological Seminary Highly readable and intuitively pastoral. . . . Anyone considering seminary should read this. Michael A. Milton,...
An Authentic Servant S$3.50


Hendrickson Publishers

An Authentic Servant

(by Ajith Fernando) Ajith Fernando cuts to the heart of being a leader: are we willing to serve, even if it is costly? Here is clear and penetrating insight into what it means to be a leader, combining good theology and deep personal devotion, recapturing the centrality of the cross.

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