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Basics of the Faith Series: Why Believe in God? S$4.00


P & R Publishing

Basics of the Faith Series: Why Believe in God?

(by Daniel Hyde) God’s existence is demonstrated three ways: from the light of conscience implanted within us, from his handiwork in the light of creation, and from the light of the canon, which presents God’s character. Danny Hyde offers encouragement for Christians that is intelligent, winsome, and pastoral. It does not cave in to atheistic demands, but sets out from the conviction that the one true God exists and has left his testimony in this world. Christians will be encouraged to...
Basics of the Faith Series: Why God Gave Us a Book S$5.00


P & R Publishing

Basics of the Faith Series: Why God Gave Us a Book

(by Gene Edward Veith) Many people look within themselves, mining their thoughts and feelings for “the voice of God.” And yet God has already spoken. The incarnate Word makes himself known in the written Word, and this communication keeps us personally connected to him. We need nothing else. Gene Veith makes this clear as he examines not only the sufficiency of God’s Word, but also the flawed thinking of those who try to add to or detract from it. This passionate, personal booklet is a...
Behaviour for Young Christians S$0.60


Sovereign Grace Advent Testimony

Behaviour for Young Christians

(by E.J. Poole-Connor)
Behind a Frowning Providence S$2.80


The Banner of Truth Trust

Behind a Frowning Providence

Sorrow and suffering are unavoidable facts of life. But i our modern society they are so deeply feared that few of us ever think or talk seroiusly about them. Occasionally we may see someone show great faith in the face of severe trials, and yet never ask how that faith comes about. 'Behind a Frowning Providence' talks openly about these things. It shows why faith is able to triumph in the face of all obstacles: it is focused on God's character and his promises to his people. Johh J.Murray...
Believing and Sealing S$3.90


Gospel Standard Trust Publicat'n

Believing and Sealing

(by John M'Kenzie) The substance of a sermon setting forth the difference between a living and dead faith.
Bringing the gospel to covenant children S$5.00


Bringing the gospel to covenant children

This booklet gives practical guidance on how to evangelize covenant children and how to make the home a nursery for heaven. The book first explains how parents fail to understand the role of the covenant in their children's lives and then details how to use prayer, family worship, teaching, everyday conversation and mentoring to evangelize children. Dr. Beeke provides a needed guide for a parent's most important and difficult task.

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