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A lamp unto my feet S$13.90


A lamp unto my feet

Every true believer is daily moving toward his eternal destination. However before that final crossing into the land of immortality the Christian pilgrim must first travel through a hostile empire fraught with dangers toils and snares. How will he find his way through this land of shadows Fortunately the Father of lights has not left us to fend for ourselves; but rather He has provided a roadmap the Word of God. Little wonder that David christened it A Lamp Unto My Feet. A sequel to Gallaghers...
A Woman Of Prayer (Reflections For Women) S$12.00


A Woman Of Prayer (Reflections For Women)

Most of us would acknowledge that we don't pray as much as we should. And we admire the great men and women who seem to have found the answer to fervent praying. But we too can find the answer by asking the right question. What must change for me to spend more time alone with God? A Woman of Prayer offers principles, practices, and portraits in prayer. A refreshingly practical and personal study for those in search of the God Who hears.
Experience The Passion Of Christ S$18.20


Experience The Passion Of Christ

With the flood of questions and deep introspection that Mel Gibson’s blockbuster movie, The Passion of the Christ, is creating, John MacArthur responds with a workbook that answers those deep, personal, and sincere questions.  So many people know about Jesus, but they don’t really understand why Jesus had to suffer and die.  Experiencing The Passion OfChrist will give you a front-row seat asChrist’s life unfolds.  You will be placed on the scene, confronted up close with...
Grace For Every Trial S$12.00


Grace For Every Trial

Betty Henderson shows how to find Grace for Every Trial in her Bible study from the book of Job. From the account of God’s sovereign power manifested in the overwhelming suffering of one man, Henderson unfolds a study for practical Christian living. Learn how to be a godly comforter, to rightly respond to sorrow, and most of all, to trust that God’s sovereign will needs no explanation. Step-by-step Bible study and practical, spiritual application draw out valuable lessons from God’s...
Pressing on toward the heavenly calling S$13.90


Pressing on toward the heavenly calling

The third installment in Steve Gallagher's Walk Series, this 12-week Bible study takes the believer on a personal journey through Paul's prison epistles.
The Faces Of Grief S$12.00


The Faces Of Grief

Marian Talley-Cunningham’s  The Faces of Grief  explores the many forms grief takes after a loved one’s death. Whether struggling with confusion, depression, anger, or fear, Christian women will find hope in Cunningham’s personal Bible study as she traces the grieving process of her own two widowhoods. Discover a Christian life enriched through understanding the phases and facets of grief, turning crippling sorrow into hope for the years ahead. From personal experience, Cunningham...

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