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A Reformation Guide to Scripture S$10.20


Baker Books

A Reformation Guide to Scripture

As has so often happened in the history of God's people, the persecution of gospel believers instigated by Mary Tudor (Queen of England from 1553 to 1558), helped to promote rather than hinder the spread of the gospel. One evidence of this is the Geneva Bible of 1560. A small band of English scholars, exiled in that city, produced a Bible version which, by its sheer excellence, was to drive its officially-approved rivals, the Great Bible and the Bishops' Bible, from the field. Its forceful and...
Bible Atlas & Companion S$10.90


Barbour Publishing

Bible Atlas & Companion

(edited by Christopher Hudson) Bring your Bible to life with this brand-new collection of colourful maps, intriguing photographs, and fascinating explanatory text. The Bible Atlas & Companion is designed for anyone who is interested in understanding Bible places and events better. Based on NASA Space Shuttle imagery, the 75 brand-new maps in this book cover the entire range of biblical history – from the journeys of Abraham in Genesis to the seven churches of Asia Minor in Revelation....
365 Fasinating Facts about Israel S$11.10


New Leaf Press

365 Fasinating Facts about Israel

(by Clarence Wagner) Written from the unique perspective of one American who has made Israel his home for 22 years, this remarkable compilation gives you a bird's eye view of the Middle East, its people and customs. You'll get unique glimpses into the lives of both Jews and Arabs, and marvel at the power of a region claiming Hebron, Bethlehem, Haifa, Tel Aviv, the Golan... and, of course, that City on a Hill, Jerusalem. Packed with a wealth of information about "Eretz Israel," the Land of...
Theological Terms in Layman Language S$11.30


Theocentric Publishing Group

Theological Terms in Layman Language

(by Martin Murphy) This book is written so that simple words like faith or not so simple words like aseity are explained in plain language. Although there are numerous dictionaries, concordances, and encyclopedias that define theological words, phrases, and concepts, there are few that are concise and simple. Theological Terms in Layman Language is easy to read and designed for people who want a brief definition for theological terms. The terms are in layman friendly language. Every attempt has...
Gateway to the Old Testament S$11.60


Banner of Truth Trust

Gateway to the Old Testament

(by Noel Weeks) This book will serve as an introduction to the literature and message of the Old Testament in general, but it also provides a more detailed study of the three foundational books-Genesis, Exodus and Deuteronomy- on which the rest of the Bible stands. Those who are new to the study of the Bible will find that Gateway to the Old Testament will help to build a secure and lasting foundation for a life-time of study, while others for whom the Old Testament is already a well-known...
Lexical Aids for Students of New Testament Greek S$12.50


Baker Books

Lexical Aids for Students of New Testament Greek

"An indispensable aid for beginning Greek students, strongly recommended as a supplement to a standard Greek grammar for any introductory-level seminary course in Biblical Greek."--David A. deSilva, Ashland Theological Journal The beginning Greek student soon faces a vexing dilemma: a myriad of vocabulary words to learn and little time to learn them. One of the century's leading Greek scholars offers a solid solution by organizing Greek words according to their frequency of appearance...

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