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An Introduction to the Old Testament S$32.80


Other Publishers

An Introduction to the Old Testament

(by Edward J. Young) Used Book (Acceptable to Good Quality) Edward J. Young's An Introduction to the Old Testament has served Old Testament students well over the past forty years. In this classic, scholarly, conservative text Young concentrates on the literary characteristics of the Old Testament books, arguing for the inner harmony and underlying unity of the literary units in the Old Testament in contrast to those who seek to undermine the authorship of the traditional writers. The book...
Baker's bible atlas S$45.40


Baker Books

Baker's bible atlas

Much of the Bible is a history of God's dealings with his people Israel. The events it records took place in a specific geographical environment that involved many people and places. So to more clearly understand the Bible, it's helpful to visualize how Israel interacted with her neighbors and was affected by geography. Baker's Bible Atlas gives you the tools you need to reconstruct the scenes of history-full-color maps, illustrations, color photographs, a time line, and more. The concluding...
Bible Archaeology S$34.00


Baker Books

Bible Archaeology

(by John McRay & Alfred Hoerth) For years archaeologists have been excavating historical sites to recover a better understanding of early civilizations. Their discoveries have given us insight on how, where, and why our essential religious beliefs came to be. Now Alfred Hoerth and John McRay offer you the opportunity to experience these early cultures for yourself. An informative and engaging introduction to biblical archaeology, this accessible book explores the histories, cultures, and...
Bible Atlas & Companion S$10.90


Barbour Publishing

Bible Atlas & Companion

(edited by Christopher Hudson) Bring your Bible to life with this brand-new collection of colourful maps, intriguing photographs, and fascinating explanatory text. The Bible Atlas & Companion is designed for anyone who is interested in understanding Bible places and events better. Based on NASA Space Shuttle imagery, the 75 brand-new maps in this book cover the entire range of biblical history – from the journeys of Abraham in Genesis to the seven churches of Asia Minor in Revelation....
Christian Handbook S$13.30


Bryntirion Press

Christian Handbook

(by Peter Jeffery) Straightforward guide to the Bible, Church History and Christian Doctrine. Invaluable not only for the new Christian but for all who want to broaden their knowledge of the Christian faith. Over 90 illustrations including maps, charts, drawings and photographs
Commonly Misunderstood Bible Verses S$17.00


Harvest House Publishers

Commonly Misunderstood Bible Verses

(by Ron Rhodes) The instruction and wonder of the Bible can be clouded when readers are uncertain about the meaning of some verses. Bible scholar and popular author Ron Rhodes (more than 1 million copies in combined sales) draws on his many years of studying and teaching Scripture to empower readers with knowledge, background, and truth. With clear and helpful explanations, Rhodes: identifies the most troublesome verses reveals important principles to help interpret them addresses the stumbling...

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