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Crossway ESV Bible Atlas S$48.60


Crossway Books

Crossway ESV Bible Atlas

(by John Currid & David Barrett) Capitalizing on recent advances in satellite imaging and geographic information systems, the Crossway ESV Bible Atlas offers Bible readers a comprehensive, up-to-date resource that blends technical sophistication with readability, visual appeal, and historical and biblical accuracy. All the key methods of presenting Bible geography and history are here, including more than 175 full-color maps, 70 photographs, 3-D re-creations of biblical objects and sites,...
Dictionary of Biblical Imagery S$42.70



Dictionary of Biblical Imagery

(by Leland Ryken, James Wilhoit & Tremper Longman III) Every reader of the Bible has encountered the powerful, comforting and sometimes puzzling imagery of Scripture. These concrete pictures with their hidden force have struck sharp and lasting impressions on our minds. Their imprint has etched itself on the language and grammar of Christian faith and Western culture. Whey then do traditional Bible dictionaries and reference works offer to little help to explorers of the Bible's galaxy of...
Expository Dictionary of Bible Words S$26.40


Hendrickson Publishers

Expository Dictionary of Bible Words

(edited by Stephen Renn) Everyone who studies the Bible wishes at some point that he or she knew the original Hebrew or Greek in order to better understand a difficult word or passage. TheExpository Dictionary of Bible Words gives readers the fruits of a working knowledge Hebrew and Greek without the years of language study. The Expository Dictionary of Bible Words is more than just a handy and thorough alphabetical guide to the English translation of the Hebrew and Greek words used in both...
For the layman-A survey of the New Testament S$37.80


For the layman-A survey of the New Testament

Ken Levy continues his study of the Bible in For the Layman: A Survey of the New Testament . In this overview, which also contains four audio tapes and a work book, students will study the life and ministry of Jesus, the growth of the early church, the letters of Paul, letters by other New Testament writers, and prophecy. With maps and charts covering topics such as Paul's missionary journeys and the chronology of events in the New Testament, the emphasis is on history as opposed to theology....
Gateway to the Old Testament S$11.60


Banner of Truth Trust

Gateway to the Old Testament

(by Noel Weeks) This book will serve as an introduction to the literature and message of the Old Testament in general, but it also provides a more detailed study of the three foundational books-Genesis, Exodus and Deuteronomy- on which the rest of the Bible stands. Those who are new to the study of the Bible will find that Gateway to the Old Testament will help to build a secure and lasting foundation for a life-time of study, while others for whom the Old Testament is already a well-known...
How Biblical Languages Work S$20.20


Kregal publications

How Biblical Languages Work

(by Peter James Silzer & Thomas John Finley) A practical and easy to understand guide to learning both Hebrew and Greek. Ideal for Biblical language scholars. This book provides the first practical beginner's guide to the main components of biblical Hebrew and Greek. It will bring the reader through various organizational structures in Hebrew and Greek using insights gained from years of linguistic and biblical experience. The authors intend this book to be used as a tool to supplement...

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