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New Strong's Exhaustive Concordance of the Bible S$25.20


Thomas Nelson

New Strong's Exhaustive Concordance of the Bible

(by James Strong) Strong's Exhaustive Concordance of the Bible has been the standard Bible concordance for pastors, scholars, and laypersons for over a century. The Nelson's Super Value Series edition provides the classic Strong's features in a smaller, more convenient form. And unlike smaller-sized editions that call themselves "Strong's." this portable New Strong's Exhaustive Concordance is truly exhaustive. It indexes every word of the King James Version, including articles, conjunctions,...
New testament survey S$45.40


Baker Books

New testament survey

(by Robert Gromacki) Before coming to grips with an individual verse or passage in the New Testament, Bible students and expositors must understand how it relates to the theme of the book. This nontechnical survey offers readers a working understanding of the New Testament by providing the theological tools necessary to synthesize biblical passages into themes. It incorporates historical and cultural backgrounds without becoming a book on manners and customs and deals with the actual text of...
New Testament: An Introduction to Its Literature and History S$15.70


Banner of Truth Trust

New Testament: An Introduction to Its Literature and History

(by Gresham Machen) The writing of John Gresham Machen was characterized by clarity of thought, depth of scholarship, and an evident passion for the message of the Bible. It is a mark of his peculiar gifts that none of these features is lacking in these chapters of New Testament Introduction. Now available for the first time in book form, they are a valuable part of Machen’s witness to the integrity, magnificence, and plentitude of the writings that constitute the New Testament.
Newton's Revised History of Ancient Kingdoms S$22.70


Master Books

Newton's Revised History of Ancient Kingdoms

When you think of Sir Isaac Newton, you normally think of a great scientist and mathematician. His contributions to these areas of human knowledge are enormous. The same genius he applies to other disciplines, Newton also brings to bear on ancient history. Like a first rate defense attorney, Newton cross-examines the ancient writers, using their own words against them to expose their logical inconsistencies. He then develops a more sound chronology using scientific method based on logic,...
Now, That's a Good Question! S$19.30


Campus Crusade Asia Ltd.

Now, That's a Good Question!

(by R.C. Sproul) Have you ever wondered … Are some sins worse than others? Does science disprove Christianity? Is abortion ever okay? Why are there so many different interpretations of the Bible? Can I lose my salvation?, etc. With practicality, wit, and a seasoned, serious approach to God's Word, R.C. Sproul, one of today's most respected theologians, offers intelligent answers to these and many other questions about the Christian faith and lifestyle. This book is divided into twenty-two...
Old Testament: Explained and Applied S$37.00


Evangelical Press

Old Testament: Explained and Applied

(by Gareth Crossley) This comprehensive study enables the reader to gain a clear understanding of the contents of each Old Testament book in order that the overall plan and purpose of God might be perceived. The author explains each book, drawing out its Christology and applying its message to today’s reader. Numerous diagrams and maps are used throughout. His fresh innovative approach encourages the study of God’s Word in the Old Testament.

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