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Canon & Text Issues

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Logical Criticisms of Textual Criticism S$3.30


Logical Criticisms of Textual Criticism

For over a century scholars have been making new translations of the Bible, encouraging laymen to buy and use them. These new translations, we are told, are better thant the old, based on superior Greek texts, and more suited to the modern mind. In this little book, Dr. Clark exposes the sloppy scholarship of the textual critics
Lost in Transmission? S$15.10


Thomas Nelson

Lost in Transmission?

(by Nicholas Perrin) Bart Ehrman, in his New York Times bestseller, Misquoting Jesus, claims that the New Testament cannot wholly be trusted. Cutting and probing with the tools of text criticism, Ehrman suggests that many of its episodes are nothing but legend, fabricated by those who copied or collated its pages in the intervening centuries. The result is confusion and doubt. Can we truly trust what the New Testament says? Now, Wheaton College scholar Nicholas Perrin takes on Ehrman and others...
Paul and First-Century Letter Writing S$16.80



Paul and First-Century Letter Writing

(by Randolph Richards) In Paul's day, producing and delivering a letter was time-consuming and costly. Informed by historical evidence and features of the biblical texts, E. Randolph Richards examines the whole process and offers a new perspective on Paul the letter writer.
Revisiting the Corruption of the New Testament S$30.30


Kregal publications

Revisiting the Corruption of the New Testament

(edited by Daniel Wallace) Revisiting the Corruption of the New Testament is the inaugural volume of The Text and Canon of the New Testament series, edited by Daniel B. Wallace. This first volume focuses on issues in textual criticism; in particular, to what degree did the scribes, who copied their exemplars by hand, corrupt the autographs? All but one of the chapters deals specifically with New Testament textual criticism. The other addresses textual issues related to an early apocryphal work,...
The Authenticity of English Version Bibles S$44.40


Twoedged Sword Publications

The Authenticity of English Version Bibles

(by Michael Phelan) For Bible-believing Christians the Scriptures are the most valuable and the most essential material objects they may possess. They are so because while being material, that is, they are found printed on paper, or recorded onto magnetic tape or compact disc, they are but an expression of something quite immaterial, namely the Word of God to humanity. For Bible-believing Christians, the Scriptures are the only objects that they may see, handle, listen to, and come to know...
The ESV and the English Bible Legacy S$13.20


Crossway Books

The ESV and the English Bible Legacy

(by Leland Ryken) Modern Bible translations are at a crossroads. Multiple translation philosophies argue that there is a right way and a wrong way to translate the Bible. But who is right? And what has been the historic view of English Bible translators? Leland Ryken, an expert on the literature of the Bible, brings clarity to these questions as he traces the history of English Bible translation from William Tyndale to the King James Bible and argues that the English Standard Version is the...

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