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A biography is a detailed description or account of someone's life. A biography is more than a list of impersonal facts (education, work, relationships, and death), it also portrays the subject's experience of those events. The principles embraced and the promises claimed are often express gloriously in these lives who had honoured God in their time.

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Digging Ditches: The Latest Chapter Of An Inspirational Life S$8.30


Digging Ditches: The Latest Chapter Of An Inspirational Life

Doctor Helen Roseveare, affectionately called Mama Luka, pioneered vital medical work in the Rain forests of the Belgian Congo - now the Democratic Republic of Congo. Throughout her eight years in training for the mission field and her first twelve years in Congo Helen Roseveare had prayed that God would give her a mountain top experience of his glory and power. However, after enduring civil war and having to start from the beginning again, and later when caring for her elderly mother, she...
Digging for Treasure in the Dark S$16.40


Theocentric Publishing Group

Digging for Treasure in the Dark

(by Ann Varnum) The stories in this book tell the suffering and pain of real people living in the real world. It also describes how God works to bring about good in the face of trials and struggles. However, in each instance God proved that He is still active in the affairs of His children. There is always the "blessed afterwards" of these trials of darkness. Just as gold and silver are found in the deepest places in the earth, so, too, are God's secret treasures that He allows each sorrowing...
Dying to Live S$10.30


Christian Focus Publications

Dying to Live

(by William Still & Sheana Brown) William Still's life has always been linked with Aberdeen. Born, brought up and educated in "the granite city" he has also devoted 45 years to the city centre pastorate of Gilcomston South Church. His ministry has reached out across the nation and the world inspired by a single-minded commitment to the gospel. He is a spokesman and example for those who believe that a faithful and firm stance on the essentials of the faith results in lifestyle changes in...
Ernest Kevan S$14.80


Banner of Truth Trust

Ernest Kevan

(by Paul Brown) ‘We need to live our lives, as Ernest Kevan lived his life, in the presence of God and in anticipation of the coming of Christ. Then by God’s grace we shall grow in strong biblical convictions…and in the gentle courtesy of Christ as we defend and proclaim our convictions. — JOHN R.W. STOTT ‘Of whom the world was not worthy’ (Heb. 11:38) is also an apt description of Ernest Kevan, who as pastor, theologian and leader had a profound impact on post-War evangelicalism. I...
Ever, Only, All for Thee S$14.10


Granted Ministries

Ever, Only, All for Thee

(by Pamela Budgen) If you’re interested in reading about a devoted and influential Christian who was not a pastor or missionary, then perhaps you should read this biography of Frances Ridley Havergal. She was a poet, hymnist, and devotional writer whose diverse works became widely known and loved throughout much of the Church. But even in her personal life, she cultivated a powerful love for God which led her to work constantly for the good of the Church and the salvation of the lost. This...
Faith Working By Love : The Life Of Fidelia Fiske S$25.80


Faith Working By Love : The Life Of Fidelia Fiske

" Theodore Parker, having read Wayland's 'Life of Dr. Judson,' wrote thus in his journal:' What a man! What a character! Had the whole missionary wok resulted in nothing more than the building up of such a man, it would be worth all it has cost.' "If such a man could use such language, may not the friends of missions say that the missionary work in Persia would be worth all it has cost, if it had simply furnished to the world such a specimen of true Christian womanhood as is seen in...

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