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A Christian Philosophy of Education S$13.10


The Trinity Foundation

A Christian Philosophy of Education

(by Gordon Clark) This book was first published in 1946, at a time when most Christian parents in America still trusted public schools and did not even consider educating their children at home or in Christian schools. It demonstrates why public schools were not to be trusted even in 1946. Completely revised, A Christian Philosophy of Education remains the best book-length explanation of Christian education, written by a Christian teacher who taught for 60 years.
Against the Tide S$13.10


Ambassador emerald international

Against the Tide

(by Carl Herbster & Randy Hurst) Young people are surrounded by media militantly attacking biblical virtue and values. The goal of Christian education is still to “present every man perfect in Christ,” but postmodernism declares that there is no one right way to live. In the midst of this conflict, many Christian school leaders are surrendering, lowering their expectations in order to bring in more students, tolerating an atmosphere which works against the basic purpose for which the...
Already Compromised S$14.10


Master Books

Already Compromised

(by Ken Ham, Greg Hall & Todd Hillard) A stunning revelation about the nation's Christian colleges! Apologetics powerhouse Ken Ham teams with Dr. Greg Hall for an eye-opening assessment of 200 Christian colleges and universities from across America. During the unprecedented 2010 study by Britt Beemer's America's Research Group (ARG), these colleges were polled on core faith questions...and the results are revealing and shocking! Examine the beginnings of the Ivy League schools and their now...
Better Thinking & Reasoning S$22.60


Better Thinking & Reasoning

In his book  Better Thinking and Reasoning Ron Tagliapietra takes students through the processes of sound reasoning and logic application. We all regularly apply logic and reason to the decisions we make, but few of us realize just how much that application impacts our daily lives. Reasoning skills extend far beyond our need to understand the Bible, math, and science. Since words, factual statements, arguments, and counterarguments affect such widely varied places as school, home, work, and...
Biblical Schools for Covenant Children S$25.10


Other Publishers

Biblical Schools for Covenant Children

(by Gregory Maffet)
Blackboard Blackmail S$13.20


Footstool Publications

Blackboard Blackmail

(by Suzanne Clark) Suzanne Clark was sued by the NEA, and Beverly LaHaye's newly formed organization, Concerned Women for America, took this as their first legal case--and won. BLACKBOARD BLACKMAIL documents the tyrannies of the NEA, and explains why Christians must give their children a Christian education, not a secular one. Beverly LaHaye wrote the foreword, and Mary Pride and D. James Kennedy wrote pieces for the back cover.

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