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Christian Education


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Rediscovering Catechism S$11.10


P & R Publishing

Rediscovering Catechism

(by Donald Van Dyken) A contribution to the renaissance of catechism. Investigates the meaning and history of catechizing, and outlines practical considerations and steps for productive catechizing. "A persuasive call to the grand tradition of catechizing our covenant children. May the church hear and heed this call. If we do, perhaps we will reap a harvest of stalwart saints who are zealous for Christ's crown and covenant." SUSAN HUNT "One of the most important and practical tools for pastors,...
Spirit-filled Teaching S$23.20


Thomas Nelson

Spirit-filled Teaching

(by Roy Zuck) Acclaimed teacher Roy B. Zuck reveals how teachers can tap into the power of divine energy to fulfill their calling and use their gifts at a deeper level. By applying these timeless, spirit-focused principles, teachers will learn how to teach more effectively and inspire students spiritually.
Teaching for a Change S$15.10


P & R Publishing

Teaching for a Change

(by Norman De Jong) As a successor to the author's Education in the Truth, this volume gives a fresh look at the basic truths that should mold our educational endeavors. This book meets the fundamental need for a more biblical, Christian philosophy of education in a country that is becoming increasingly secular.
The seven laws of teaching S$12.50


Baker Books

The seven laws of teaching

John Milton Gregory's clear and concise presentation of the fundamental laws of teaching has been studied and applied in a variety of educational situations, from church schools to in-service programs of prestigious businesses. For generations, teachers have benefited from the solid advice in this book.
The write stuff S$28.80

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Sold Out

The write stuff

Young writers need encouragement and training, and this resource delivers plenty of both! Combining editorial knowledge with a nurturing approach, Rea leads students through the basics of the writing process. From penning letters and essays to creating ad copy and news articles, this guide helps kids develop the confidence and skills writers need to succeed. 208 pages, softcover from Great Expectations.
Their God Is So Big S$17.70


Matthias Media

Their God Is So Big

(by Stephanie Carmichael) Whether you're quaking in your boots about to face your first class of four-year-olds, or are a battle-hardened veteran able to confidently perform the actions to dozens of children's songs, this is the book you've been waiting for. Their God is So Big is a unique and indispensable guide to teaching Sunday School to young children (up to the age of eight). It covers everything from understanding the kind of person you should be as a teacher to comprehending the rapidly...

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