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A Theology of Matthew S$18.20


P & R Publishing

A Theology of Matthew

(by Charles Quarles) Who is Jesus? Why should we worship him? This book answers those questions by surveying Matthew's primary theological themes and how they interconnect with the rest of the Bible. Quarles focuses on Matthew's portrait of Jesus as the Savior of sinners, the King of God's people, the founder of a new Israel, and the incarnation of the Creator. The Explorations in Biblical Theology series addresses the need for quality literature that attracts believing readers to good theology...
A Time to Care S$10.30



A Time to Care

(by Emily Ackerman) So you're now a carer. Your elderly parents need you as never before. Nobody's ever trained you for what comes next, yet you're the unofficial project manager. Emily Ackerman looks at practical and emotional issues like finding time, coping with pressure, the sandwich generation, cutting apron-strings, memory loss and caring from a distance. Underpinning it all is helpful advice from the Bible, for isn't it God who calls us to honour and care for our parents? The author...
A Vow to Love S$18.20


Premier Publishing

A Vow to Love

(by C. Bouwman) In this publication the author takes us through the Bible to discern what God's plan for marriage initially was, how the fall into sin has twisted marriage, and how God's plan has been restored through the work of the Lord Jesus Christ. In the process he discusses the role of husband and wife in marriage, the permanence of marriage and how to overcome trouble in marriage, the place of sexual intimacy, the timing and size of the family, the impact of immorality on marriage, and...
A Wife After God's Own Heart S$14.70


Harvest House Publishers

A Wife After God's Own Heart

(by Elizabeth George) One secret to marital bliss is for a wife to love her husband the way God designed for her to love him—even with his shortcomings. God hasn’t called a woman to change her husband, but to focus on her calling as a wife. And the rewards for doing so are rich! Elizabeth provides valuable and practical insights on 12 key areas of a marriage, including... What it means to be a husband’s helper What submission is and isn’t Nurturing joy in your home and family Excelling...
Addiction-Proof Parenting S$14.10


Focus Publishing

Addiction-Proof Parenting

(by Mark Shaw) Discover the basic mentalities that lead to various "addictions" and biblical ways to teach your children responsibility and an attitude of gratefulness. "This is a great book." Dr. Tedd Tripp
ADHD: Deceptive Diagnosis S$13.10


Focus Publishing

ADHD: Deceptive Diagnosis

(by David Tyler & Kurt Grady) Christian parents of children labeled ADHD will find this book helpful in learning what the Bible has to say about these behaviors, and how to help children change. You may be saying, “I have tried everything.” Perhaps you have not tried what is written in these pages

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