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Age of Opportunity S$15.10


P & R Publishing

Age of Opportunity

(by Paul David Tripp) Teenage hassles that disrupt parents’ lives? Or prime opportunities to connect with, listen to, and nurture our kids? Paul Tripp uncovers the heart issues affecting parents and their teenagers during the often chaotic adolescent years. With wit, wisdom, humility, and compassion, he shows parents how to seize the countless opportunities to deepen communication, learn, and grow with their teenagers.
An Anitdote Against Discord Between Man and Wife S$25.20


Other Publishers

An Anitdote Against Discord Between Man and Wife

(by D.B.) This book is a reprint of The Honourable State of Matrimony Made Comfortable Or An Antidote Against Discord Betwixt Man and Wife originally printed in 1685. It has been re-typeset with modern spellings. The author is unknown, but is commonly cited as D.B. “I am confident there was never a Discourse of this nature in this method; none adventuring to deal so particularly and fully with such passionate Relations as he hath done. The great reason that it is so difficult to make up...
An Educated Choice S$13.10


P & R Publishing

An Educated Choice

(by Frank Brock) An Educated Choice is written by Dr. Frank A. Brock, who spent almost two decades as president of Covenant College in Lookout Mtn., GA. It is written primarily for parents and educators of high school students who are college bound. It helps facilitate discussion between parents and teenagers with practical information about finances, curriculum, social influences, and preparing to receive a good education.
Aren't They Lovely When They're Asleep? S$8.30


Christian Focus Publications

Aren't They Lovely When They're Asleep?

(by Ann Benton) Ann Benton used to run parenting skills classes in local schools. People kept saying 'This is great, where do you get this stuff?' She came clean 'Actually, it's from the Bible'. This book contains the wisdom distilled from Ann's popular seminars on parenting the next generation. She uses a 'God's eye view' of what we are really like in order to help people who are seeking to be responsible parents in an increasingly child-centred society. You will learn six key concepts:...
Autism's Hidden Blessings S$14.10


Kregal publications

Autism's Hidden Blessings

(by Kelly Langston) Does God care about Autism? Kelly Langston knows firsthand the struggles and victories associated with autism--from the time she heard her son's diagnosis and was given little more than a handshake and a brochure to the time she watched her son sing every word in his school musical. Through her experiences--the good and the bad--she discovered a beautiful blessing: God does care about autism. Better yet, he has a unique and marvelous purpose for children with autism--a...
Being a Great Mom, Raising Great Kids S$18.90


Moody Publishers

Being a Great Mom, Raising Great Kids

(by Sharon Jaynes) Be B.L.E.S.S.E.D.! That is what Sharon Jaynes teaches as she focuses on being a Proverbs 31 mother. Today's over-committed, harried housewives and mothers sorely need practical suggestions and loving encouragement. Don't go it alone. You need a friend who has been there. Sharon Jaynes is the friend you've been looking for. Her heart is warm and her wisdom is straightforward.

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