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Suffering Grief Comfort

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In All Their Affliction S$4.20


Gospel Standard Trust Publicat'n

In All Their Affliction

(by Murdoch Campbell) A re-print of this popular work, giving encouragement to Christians in their pilgrimage journey.
Why Does God Allow War? S$5.20


Bryntirion Press

Why Does God Allow War?

(by Martyn Lloyd-Jones) Subtitled - A General Justification of the Ways of God. A new edition of a famous series of sermons preached in 1939, just after the beginning of World War II.
A Help in Grief S$7.30


Day One

A Help in Grief

(by Julian Evans, Ben Evans, Philip West & Clive Anderson) A high quality paperback of 145 pages written in an accessible and friendly style. Outlines both the practical issues at the time of bereavement, such as registering a death, the funeral, and executing a will, and the emotional journey as we mourn and grieve. It provides clear, straightforward advice and help. The authors are a father and son, a GP and a minister. All have lost very close relatives and write from personal and...
Pain, My Companion S$7.40


Christian Focus Publications

Pain, My Companion

(by Irene Howat) This little book has much of comfort and interest to say to sufferers from constant or almost constant pain, especially that which is chronic and apparently incurable. The author writes well and is certainly qualified by her experiences, which include long periods in a wheelchair, times in pain control centres in hospital, and disablement at home. The book ends with a theological exposition of the whole area of sin, disease, pain and suffering, in a reasoned manner in the light...
When the darkness will not lift S$8.25



When the darkness will not lift

"It is utterly crucial that in our darkness we affirm the wise, strong hand of God to hold us, even when we have no strength to hold him." John Piper Even the most faithful, focused Christians can encounter periods of depression and spiritual darkness when joy seems to stay just out of reach. It can happen because of sin, satanic assault, distressing circumstances, or hereditary and other physical causes. In 'When the Darkness Will Not Lift', John Piper aims to give some comfort and...
If I Were God, I'd End All the Pain S$8.90


Matthias Media

If I Were God, I'd End All the Pain

(by John Dickson) A child catches a rare brain virus and is affected for life. A father dies in a plane crash. A dictator murders millions. Why doesn't God do something about things like this? Why does he allow them to happen? In fact, can we still believe in God in the face of all the suffering and pain in the world? In this short book, John Dickson looks honestly at these questions, and provides some compelling answers. He looks briefly at the alternative explanations for suffering provided...

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