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Suffering Grief Comfort

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Deserted by God? S$12.90


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Deserted by God?

(by Sinclair Ferguson) Suffering, failure, sin, illness, loneliness, disappointment. They all come in a seemingly endless variety of shapes and sizes. At times there seems to be no way to turn, either backwards or forwards; there is no light at either end of the tunnel. For many people such experiences raise the question: Why has this happened to me? Has God abandoned me? Can nobody help? Is despair all that is left to me? Large numbers of people today share such experiences and privately ask...
Does Grace Grow Best in Winter? S$10.10


P & R Publishing

Does Grace Grow Best in Winter?

(by Ligon Duncan) “Does Grace Grow Best in Winter?” addresses the issue of suffering from the standpoint of the sovereignty of God. It teaches that we need to learn that suffering exists, and we need to learn to suffer.
Dying thoughts S$12.50


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Dying thoughts

An exposition of Philippians 1:23 by one of the most outstanding pastors of the golden age of English Puritanism, dealing honestly with the doubts and fears that often assail a Christian facing the prospect of eternity, while also providing much needed counsel, strength and comfort. A devotional classic. More well known for his Reformed Pastor, Richard Baxter was the outstanding pastor of Kidderminster. Dying Thoughts is his exposition of Paul's words in Philippians 1:23: 'For I am in a strait...
Everyday comfort S$13.60


Baker Books

Everyday comfort

Do you feel like people are rushing you through your grief? "Grief is not a job performance," says author Randy Becton. But when everyone's timetable has run out, and your grief hasn't, what can you do? Everyday Comfort gives you permission to grieve in your way and at your own pace. Becton points you to the book of Scripture most often quoted by Jesus--the Psalms--to help you through spiritual survival after a loved one dies. By investing a few minutes each day in reading Everyday...
Everyday Strength S$13.60


Baker Books

Everyday Strength

Discover true hope and peace amidst the struggle.
Faith in the Furnace S$12.90


Day One

Faith in the Furnace

(by Ian Rees) Is it possible for us today to rejoice when we face disappointments, tragedies, persecutions, bereavements and setbacks? In an engaging and highly readable style, Ian Rees shows us that suffering is a normal part of the Christian experience, and that Christians down the ages, from believers in Old Testament times right up to the present day, have often had the experience of their faith being put through the furnace, and that there is a plan and a purpose in our trials, even when...

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