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Suffering Grief Comfort

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Grieving a Suicide S$10.30



Grieving a Suicide

(by Al Hsu) After his father's suicide, Al Hsu wrestled with intense emotional and theological questions. Without pretending there are any easy answers, Hsu draws on his Christian faith to point suicide survivors to the God who offers comfort in our grief and hope for the future.
Grieving: Our Path Back to Peace S$11.30


Bethany House

Grieving: Our Path Back to Peace

People in grief wonder if they will ever feel okay again. Not only do you face overwhelming emotions of loss, you can feel discouraged or even ashamed when your grief doesn't disappear quickly or happen in neat orderly stages. For all people who have experienced loss, moments of joy and normalcy mix with moments of sadness and anger. Being moved once again by painful emotions you thought you had tamed isn't a setback. It's part of an upward process of healing. And when you allow your grief to...
Hope for a Despairing World S$12.50


Baker Books

Hope for a Despairing World

(by Philip Hughes) If there is a God, why doesn't He declare Himself and do something to put right so much that is wrong in His world? This out-of-print book was written especially to answer that question and other fundamental doubts about the sovereignty and goodness of God. Summarising basic Bible doctrines, Hughes makes clear Scripture's triumphant declaration that God is in control – He is actively, redemptively, and compassionately involved in the re-creation of both men and the cosmos....
How Can A Good God Let Bad Things Happen? S$11.30



How Can A Good God Let Bad Things Happen?

(by Mark Tabb) Following Christ seems to make life harder, not easier—why should we continue? Using the book of Job, Mark Tabb searches for the answers to age-old questions about God, pain, and living our lives. Encounter an honest discussion of suffering and find real-world comfort and strength for the trials you face.
How Could a Loving God...? S$14.70


Master Books

How Could a Loving God...?

People assume Christians have all the answers
How Long, O Lord? (2nd ed.) S$21.20



How Long, O Lord? (2nd ed.)

(by D.A. Carson) My soul is in anguish. How long, O Lord, how long?' (Psalm 6:8) Personal tragedy and heartache. Accident, illness and infirmity. Drought, earthquake, tsunami. Terrorist atrocities. War, genocide, poverty, famine. All we have to do is live long enough, and we will suffer in one way or another. In this new edition of an excellent, widely appreciated study, Don Carson addresses the issue of evil and suffering with sensitivity, pastoral concern and biblical insight. He helps...

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