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Suffering Grief Comfort

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How to Profit from Our Afflictions S$13.20


Footstool Publications

How to Profit from Our Afflictions

(by Thomas Boston, updated by Curtis Crenshaw) Why does God send us trials? Do our trials come from God or Satan? How can we eliminate our current trials? What about the modern prosperity Gospel? If you have trials (are you alive), this book is for you. Originally written in the 1700s by Thomas Boston and called The Crook in the Lot, the Rev. Dr. Curtis I. Crenshaw has rewritten the book in modern English with updated examples. Very popular work!
If I Were God, I'd End All the Pain S$8.90


Matthias Media

If I Were God, I'd End All the Pain

(by John Dickson) A child catches a rare brain virus and is affected for life. A father dies in a plane crash. A dictator murders millions. Why doesn't God do something about things like this? Why does he allow them to happen? In fact, can we still believe in God in the face of all the suffering and pain in the world? In this short book, John Dickson looks honestly at these questions, and provides some compelling answers. He looks briefly at the alternative explanations for suffering provided...
In All Their Affliction S$4.20


Gospel Standard Trust Publicat'n

In All Their Affliction

(by Murdoch Campbell) A re-print of this popular work, giving encouragement to Christians in their pilgrimage journey.
Miraculous Healing S$11.30


Christian Focus Publications

Miraculous Healing

(by Henry Frost) "Frost sees all healing as coming from God. Miraculous indicates that healing takes place apart from means. He is anxious to "hold all truth in careful equipoise" and writes "in constant prayer". "He presents five cases of healing in which he was involved and parallels them with five cases where the same conditions obtained but healing did not occur. That drove him to bring his belief to the test of the Word of God. "He looks carefully at the teaching of those who claim that...
My God is True! S$11.60


Banner of Truth Trust

My God is True!

(by Paul Wolfe) ‘One of the hallmarks of My God is True!, that makes it stand apart, is not only the engaging modesty with which the story is told, but the framework within which it has been written–a deep sense of the undergirding sovereignty and grace of God, his faithfulness and his wisdom–a recognition that his ways are higher, deeper and wiser than ours.’ — SINCLAIR B FERGUSON ‘My search is over for the one book to give to someone battling cancer. This material is...
Night of weeping morning of joy S$15.10


Reformed heritage books

Night of weeping morning of joy

Two of Horatius Bonar's books that bore considerable fruit and have often been reprinted were The Night of Weeping and The Morning of Joy, here reprinted under one cover. The Night of Weeping expounds compassionately and beautifully a biblical view of suffering, showing how it is an integral part of belonging to God

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