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Just a Talker S$12.90


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Just a Talker

(by John Brentnall) When asked why he never wrote a book, John (‘Rabbi’) Duncan (1796-1870) replied, ‘I cannot write, I’m just a talker.’ Duncan had a genius for expressing profound thoughts in brief epigrammatic sayings. ’What I have sought to do in these pages is take the aphorisms of his conversations, as recorded in several original sources and present them here in one book, believing that they will greatly enrich the hearts and minds of all who read them. The amount of clear...
Lectures on Revivals of Religion S$26.20


Solid Ground Christian Books

Lectures on Revivals of Religion

(by William Sprague) "I have a large collection of books on revival. Among them is a dated copy of 'Lectures on Revival' by Sprague. I have often told people that this was one of the top books on the subject if they were somehow able to procure a copy from a used book list. Of special importance are the letters at the end of the book where Christian leaders write of their experience in the Second Great Awakening and the insights gained. This is a valuable book. You will find the material...
Living Under the Sun S$15.10


Premier Publishing

Living Under the Sun

(by Clarence Stam) In this book Rev. Stam discusses the meaning of the book of Ecclesiastes. This bible book is difficult to understand but it has a very plain message: because of sin all of life is meaningless without Christ. In His Son God gives direction to our lives and leads us by His Holy Spirit to rejoice in His work of salvation in anticipation of a new and better world.
Our Sovereign God S$20.20


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Our Sovereign God

PART ONE: The Sovereign God--An Introduction THE SOVEREIGNTY OF GOD THE SON by John Stott THE "FIVE POINTS" AND GOD'S SOVEREIGNTY by Roger Nicole THE DOCTRINES OF GRACE IN JESUS' TEACHING by Roger Nicole GOD'S SOVEREIGNTY AND OLD TESTAMENT NAMES OF GOD by Stuart Sacks PART TWO: Knowing the Sovereign God ON KNOWING GOD by James I. Packer WHY WE DO NOT KNOW GOD by R.C. Sproul WHY WE MUST KNOW GOD by R.C. Sproul THE KEY TO KNOWING GOD by Ralph Keiper PART THREE: Serving the Sovereign God...
Puritan Paper Volume 2 S$23.00


P & R Publishing

Puritan Paper Volume 2

Sixteen papers by the editor and others on Puritan views of communion with God, Christian joy, missions, preaching, divine intercession, conscience, apostasy, and more. Pages: 352 p Binding: Paperback ISBN: 978-0-87552-467-
Puritan Paper Volume 4 S$23.00


P & R Publishing

Puritan Paper Volume 4

16 papers on Puritan views of divine communication, catechisms, and spiritual gifts. Biographical chapters on Zwingli, Luther, Cranmer, Knox, Heywood, Kuyper, Rowland, and others. J. I. Packer, ed., is Board of Governors Professor of Theology at Regent College (Vancouver) and executive editor of Christianity Today. Pages: 320 Binding: Paperback ISBN: 978-0-87552-469-6 Publication Date: 2/27/04

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