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The Road Once Travelled S$6.70


Matthias Media

The Road Once Travelled

(by Mark Gilbert) According to the 2006 census, in Australia over 5 million people identify themselves as Catholic. That's roughly 1 in 4 people. Yet only about 14% of those 5 million Catholics go to church regularly, compared to around 60% a generation ago. The statistics are indisputable: millions of Catholics, whilst still calling themselves Catholics, have a crisis of faith. According to research done by the Catholic Church they are feeling confused, bored, dissatisfied, disenchanted,...
The Truth about Islam S$16.30


P & R Publishing

The Truth about Islam

Demonstrates that biblical Christianity and Qur'anic Islam are two dramatically different belief systems. Features tables comparing passages from the Bible and the Quran. From the Foreword by Peter A. Lillback. Both Islam and Christianity claim to teach the truth about ultimate reality. In The Truth about Islam, Anees Zaka and Diane Coleman make clear, in prose and in charts and tables, what each religion teaches about its founder, its scriptures, its supreme being, and law and grace. The...
The Virgin Mary in the Light of the Word of God S$14.70


Nordskog Publishing

The Virgin Mary in the Light of the Word of God

(by Labib Mikail) The Virgin Mary in Light of the Word of God is an elegant and comprehensive book on what the Bible has to say about Jesus' mother Mary. Originally published in Arabic, and then Spanish, it has already received distribution in Africa, South America, and the Middle East. Even now, Dr. Nasser Farag is distributing an advance copy of the English translation to several leaders on the mission field in Africa. Nordskog Publishing is pleased to present the finished English language...
What the Cults Believe S$21.40


Moody Publishers

What the Cults Believe

(by Irvine Robertson) An extensively researched guide to understanding the teachings of major cults and how they deviate from Christianity. Especially helpful in grasping the challenge of the unorganized but pervasive New Age movement.
Who is My Mother? S$31.50


Calvary press publishing

Who is My Mother?

For most of the Protestant world, Mary, the mother of Jesus, remains an enigma. Who is this woman of whom the Scriptures tell us little? Is she the model of the ideal disciple of Christ, or simple a vessel from which the Savior took His humanity? In this exhaustively thorough book, scholar Eric D. Svendsen combs the depths of this question. His findings will enlighten, surprise - or even anger the reader.

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