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The Truth will set you free

Apol. World View

Perspective of the world culture and events from the apologists point of view. How do we engage this culture and how will the cause of Christ's kingdom be served?

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7 Truths that Changed the World S$19.30


Baker Books

7 Truths that Changed the World

(by Kenneth Richard Samples) What Good Is Christianity? Ideas have consequences, sometimes far-reaching and world-changing ones. The Christian faith contains many volatile truths that challenged--and continue to challenge--the cultural and religious status quo. This fascinating exploration offers a unique look at how the world changed when Christ and his followers came on the scene. In a world where Christian belief and practice are increasingly under fire, 7 Truths That Changed the World will...
A Christian View of Men and Things S$22.10


The Trinity Foundation

A Christian View of Men and Things

(by Gordon Clark) In this book, Dr. Clark outlines his unique Christian Philosophy - a philosophy developed by applying the truth of sola Scriptura to all disciplines. Unlike other philosophers, Dr. Clark regarded seriously Paul's assertion in 1 Corinthians that the wisdom of this world is foolishness, and that if we desire genuine wisdom, we must find it in Scripture. He makes no attempt to synthesize, accommodate, or integrate the Christian faith with non-Christian ideas. This book is an...
A Christian Worldview S$22.70


Southern Presbyterian Press

A Christian Worldview

(edited by: C.N. Willborn) The essays in this volume address some worldview matters related to certain extremely germane topics Christians face everyday of their lives. While they are of a more popular tenor, and are not highly technical or necessarily philosophical, they do speak seriously and ably to serious issues of our day. The opening chapter is an effort to provide a foundational framework for a Christian worldview. The entire book is application of a Christian worldview to matters...
A Faith Worth Sharing S$12.20


P & R Publishing

A Faith Worth Sharing

In these warm and delightful reflections on his own growth as a witness to the gospel, the late "Jack" Miller tells how he learned to share the Good News, and how we can too.
A matter of fact S$12.00


Apologetic Press

A matter of fact

Maybe you think that life-and-death situations are only for guys in the movies or soldiers in the military. But that is not the case! Ever day of your life you are making life-and-death decisions. In fact, the decisions tht you make everyday are more important than physical life and death. Your immortal soul is on the line, and your time on Earth is ticking away. Playing a guessing game will never do. Who is willing to gamble with his or her soul?
A World of Difference S$20.40


Baker Books

A World of Difference

(by Kenneth Sample) At a time when Christian belief is constantly challenged, understanding different worldviews can help Christians think and live faithfully. Kenneth Samples's own life-and-death crisis encourages believers to develop a worldview perspective based on truth, critical thinking, and logic. In A World of Difference, he addresses the historic Christian worldview and evaluates four modern-day competitors--Islam, naturalism, postmodernism, and pantheistic monism. The use of nine...

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