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The Truth will set you free

Biblical Studies

The New Testament is in the old concealed; the old Testament is in the new revealed-- Augustine. Both are unified revelation of God, and that its thematic unity is found in Christ

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10 Minutes to Knowing Men & Women of the Bible S$15.90


Harvest House Publishers

10 Minutes to Knowing Men & Women of the Bible

(by Jim George) The benefits we gain from God’s Word multiply significantly as we see how the Lord worked in the lives of His people. Their examples help guide us in very practical ways, enabling us to live the Christian life more effectively and successfully. The 50 biographical sketches in this book both instruct and encourage readers by looking at… •the key facts about each Bible character’s life •major events and crises and how God worked through them •special qualities worth...
2 corinthians S$6.10


Reform fellowship

2 corinthians

Of all communities, people within the church should understand human weakness most sympathetically. For it is within the church that divine strength has embraced and transformed human weakness. The gospel found in 2 Corinthians reminds us of our own sin and our feebleness, so that we may learn to deal effectively with the sin and weakness of others. Studying 2 Corinthians delivers us from the modern craze of seeking the "power religion" that dazzles people out of their religious...
40 Questions About Christians and Biblical Law S$18.20


Kregal publications

40 Questions About Christians and Biblical Law

Pastors, students, and laypeople will welcome Schreiner's easy-to-understand Q&A interpretation of the interplay between the Levitical law of the Old Testament, the law of love laid out in the New Testament---and the implications of both for contemporary issues such as the sabbath, tithing, theonomy, and preaching. Includes annotated bibliography; and Scripture and ancient sources indexes.
A better way S$10.30


Christian Focus Publications

A better way

Too many young people today believe the Bible is a closed book. What are the Old and New Testaments all about? What is the big picture? When Jesus walked to Emmaus with two disciples after the resurrection he went through the Old Testament with them and showed them how it was all about him. Simon Austen has captured that joyous curiosity and amazement as he explains how the major events of the Old Testament pointed to a new era, a better way. Do you want to discover a better way? If so then...
A Bird's Eye View of Paul S$11.60



A Bird's Eye View of Paul

(by Michael Bird) As Christians, we all know the apostle Paul, don't we? He is our theological master, our pastoral mentor, our spiritual advisor and our missionary hero. Yet just when we think we have him in our grasp, we find he slips through our fingers. At the point where we suppose we have finally understood him, Paul again confounds us and stirs our hearts and minds further. So how well do we really know him? If the Paul we claim to know looks and sounds a lot like us, then that is...
A Book Like No Other S$9.20


P & R Publishing

A Book Like No Other

Have you ever wondered why we study the Bible? This book explains why the Bible is unique and worthy of careful study and application.

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