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System of Biblical Interpretations

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The Holy Spirit And the Bible S$17.70


The Holy Spirit And the Bible

In recent decades, two seemingly unconnected issues have been become prominent in the Christian world. In theological circles, hermeneutics, the theory of interpretations, at a popular level, a renewed interest in the person and work of the Holy Spirit. In his fascinating new study, Paul Brwon connects the two. He notes how little scholarly work has been done on the Holy Spirit., pointing out the few cursory references to the Holy Spirit's role in interpreting in most current hermeneutical...
The New How to Study Your Bible S$15.90


Harvest House Publishers

The New How to Study Your Bible

(by Kay Arthur, David Arthur & Pete De Lacy) Bestselling author Kay Arthur’s inductive study method and her bestselling book How to Study Your Bible has helped more than 675,000 people discover the truth of God’s Word for themselves. With a fresh look and new material, this dynamic guide invites readers of all levels of Bible literacy and learning to dive deeper into God’s promises. The Precept method cultivates the skills of observation, interpretation, and application—and encourages...
The Scripture Guide S$18.20


Solid Ground Christian Books

The Scripture Guide

(by James W. Alexander) "The great end of all religious teaching would be attained, if men could be brought to read the Bible aright. No books, therefore, are unimportant, which point to the Holy Scriptures. Such is the present attempt, which is expressly dedicated to the YOUNG. It is intended for excitement as well as instruction; not only to communicate information and explain difficulties, but to offer inducements for the study of the Bible." - from the author's Preface "This fascinating...
Turning on the Light S$10.10


P & R Publishing

Turning on the Light

(by Carol Ruvolo) Ruvolo sets forth a clear and sound method of interpreting the Bible and applying it to daily life.
What to do on thursday S$10.20


Timeless Texts

What to do on thursday

A Layman's Guide to the Practical Use of Scripture. The Bible has the answers , but can you find, understand, and apply them?
Words and the Word S$25.90



Words and the Word

(edited by David Firth & Jamie Grant) It is generally recognized that scholarly study of the Bible has taken a 'literary turn' over the past two decades. The contributors to this volume are united in their belief that a proper understanding of different aspects of literary theory can make a significant contribution to biblical interpretation. These informative and stimulating essays survey some general issues and a selection of specific approaches, filling a gap between simpler...

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