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The Truth will set you free


Knowing God, His relation to the world and ourselves

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A Foundation For Life : A Study Of Key Christian Doctrines And T S$14.80


A Foundation For Life : A Study Of Key Christian Doctrines And T

Are you trying to understand what the Christian faith is all about? Does studying Christian doctrine seem impractical to your daily life? Do you find some biblical teachings confusing? When things happen in your life do you find yourself questioning Gods character? Are you confused about judgment? sanctification? sin? With these and many other questions in our minds, we have brought together some contemporary pastors and church leaders to help explain the basic doctrines of the Christian faith...
Atonement And The Cross S$22.10


Atonement And The Cross

 This is a republication of two books previously published separately as "The Atonement" and "The Foot of the Cross". Octavius Winslow, who ministered during the 19th century in England, has seldom been equalled as a writer on the devotional aspects of Christianity. His works are marked by a profound grasp of theology combined with heart-searching application. In this he follows in the line of the Puritans and yet his style is more accessible to the modern reader....
Beyond five points S$18.90


Beyond five points

Biblical exposition, systematic theology, Baptist history, dealing with vital objections, and encouragement for faithfulness and sobriety and are all done well and integrated beautifully into a holistic defense of the Doctrines of Grace.... The power of orderly arrangement, deep comprehension, and finely tuned argument provide a vehicle of communication worthy of the exalted purpose for which the authors write. Tom Nettles, The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary Excerpt This book presents a...
Called to confess S$15.10


Called to confess

How can we preserve the important link between public profession of faith and the Lord
Covenants: God's Way with People S$13.50


Covenants: God's Way with People

By O.Palmer Robertson. Shows how the covenants of the OT and NT are central to God's redemptive plan. You will gain a new love for your own covenantal relationship to God through Jesus Christ. 13 chapters in paperback.
From adam to adam S$15.10


From adam to adam

Interacting with Vos, Murray, and Robertson, Leonard J. Coppes develops the covenant theme in harmony with the Bible and the Westminster Standards. He analyzes the eternal Trinitarian covenant of redemption, the covenant of works with Adam in the Garden of Eden, and God’s opening up a covenant of grace with Adam after the fall.

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