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Knowing God, His relation to the world and ourselves

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Against the Gods S$15.90


Crossway Books

Against the Gods

(by John Currid) Did the Old Testament writers borrow ideas from their pagan neighbors? And if they did, was it done uncritically? A respected Old Testament scholar and archaeologist engages with this controversial question by carefully comparing the biblical text to other ancient Near Eastern documents. Well-researched and thoughtfully nuanced, Currid aims to outline the precise relationship between the biblical worldview and that of Israel’s neighbors. Endorsements “A clearly written...
All for Jesus S$29.60


Christian Focus Publications

All for Jesus

50 years ago a small, brand new Christian College relocated to a field in west St. Louis County, Missouri. It was moved there from Pasadena, California under the guidance of Robert G. Rayburn. Rayburn's burning passion was that everything taught should be to Jesus' glory. He also knew that his fledgling denomination, Bible Presbyterian Church, Columbus Synod, would need ministers. So, alongside Covenant College was founded Covenant Theological Seminary. The seminary hymn, sung every year since...
All Nations Under God S$17.60


Armoury Ministries

All Nations Under God

(by Michael John Beasley) The church of Jesus Christ presently faces many battles and challenges, for the enemies of the Gospel continue relentlessly to oppose and contest the central message of the Scriptures: Christ and Him crucified. But there is another battle that has been gaining momentum, however, this one is arising from within the ranks of the visible church. It is a battle that is draining the church of her vitality and joy. Worse than that, it is a battle that is robbing Christ of...
Always Reforming S$40.00



Always Reforming

Although the Reformation took place in the sixteenth century, this was the beginning of something and not the end. The Reformed churches affirmed the need to be semper reformanda ('always reforming'). Unfortunately, this commitment to continuing reformation has not been faithfully and consistently maintained over the centuries. At one end of the theological spectrum, some have invoked semper reformanda in order to justify abandoning the core of Reformation theology and departing from received...
An introduction to systematic theology S$21.20


P & R Publishing

An introduction to systematic theology

Van Til explores the implications of Christian theology, particularly for philosophy, as he discusses epistemology, general and special revelation, and the knowledge and attributes of God. Cornelius Van Til taught apologetics for more than forty-five years at Westminster Theological Seminary. This newly edited and typeset edition features an introduction and explanatory notes by William Edgar. Cornelius Van Til’s Introduction to Systematic Theology is one of his two or three most important...
Analysis of the institutes of the christian religion of j.calvin S$20.20


P & R Publishing

Analysis of the institutes of the christian religion of j.calvin

Calvin's   Institute's   is one of the most important theological works of the last millennium, but even seminarians and pastors have difficulty finishing it. Battles was experienced in guiding students through this volume, teaching it for fourty-five years. His detailed outline and summary are now available for everyone interested in Calvin's great work.

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