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Singlehood Courtship

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Answering the Guy Questions S$13.60


Harvest House Publishers

Answering the Guy Questions

(by Leslie Ludy) Bestselling author and speaker Leslie Ludy follows up her powerful, ground–breaking release, Set–Apart Femininity, with the book every young woman has been waiting for. How does today’s young woman handle the difficult questions surrounding guys, relationships, and waiting for the right one? Leslie uses her experiences, both in mentoring numerous girls and with her own beautiful love story, to give straightforward help and advice on these questions and more. Instead of...
Christian Dating S$4.80


Day One

Christian Dating

(by Martin Sweet) What do you want from your Christian life? A ‘get into heaven free’ card? Insurance against illness and problems? A passport to wealth? Being a Christian isn’t primarily about what we can get; rather it is about what we can give, considering what God has already given to us and for us in Christ. It’s about Lordship, commitment and love. Starting from this perspective, Martin Sweet looks carefully at what having a relationship should mean, and how to conduct oneself...
Common Mistakes Singles Make S$6.80


Baker Books

Common Mistakes Singles Make

(by Mary Whelchel) Dating. Financial planning. Career choices. Family relationships. Friendships with the opposite sex. Christian singles struggle with these issues every day. Mary S. Whelchel is familiar with the pitfalls that ensnare single Christians. All of our decisions about these issues carry with them the potential for positive or negative consequences in life. A single woman herself, Whelchel understands how frustrations, desires, and longings can lead to mistakes, and she offers...
Courting Disaster S$6.50


Day One

Courting Disaster

(by Neil Richardson) There is one purpose in life: ‘to glorify God, and to enjoy him for ever’. This book aims to encourage us to please God by submitting our wills to his in our romantic relationships. Neil Richardson explains that the teaching of the Bible is that Christians should not go out with non-Christians, and he thoroughly explores the various issues involved. He looks at points such as: • Why it is wrong to go out with a non-Christian; • Some of our motives for wanting these...
Courtship & Dating: So What's the Difference? S$7.40



Courtship & Dating: So What's the Difference?

(by Dennis Gundersen) Considered by many the most sensible and Biblical book on courtship in print. Chapters on the right role of parents in their children's choices; on relationships for the purpose of service rather than mere entertainment; on guarded moral protection and accountability rather than total freedom; on the benefits of waiting for one partner rather than being a "serial dater". And much more. Includes these supplemental chapters: * Martin Luther: On Parents and Their...
Did I Kiss Marriage Goodbye? S$13.20


Crossway Books

Did I Kiss Marriage Goodbye?

(by Carolyn McCulley) Through personal anecdotes and careful examination of Scripture, Carolyn McCulley challenges single women to regard their singleness not as a burden, but as a gift from God that allows them to perform a unique role in the body of Christ. Endorsements "This book is one of the most biblical, substantive, and helpful resources I am aware of on this topic. Carolyn gives single women a map to help them discover God's purpose, mission, and calling for their lives. Her writing is...

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