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Church History

Church history is vital to the understanding of the institution of the Christian Church. Much is to be gleaned from the events between the time of the apostles and the present. Like the history of the ancient Israel, the history of the Christian Church is to be remembered and learned from. Today, our culture is often confronted with new and bizzare religious philosophies, some of which present under the banner of Christianity. This is nothing new. History is littered with heresies that have tried to infiltrate the church, including false ideas such as Arianism,Gnosticism,Motanism and Marcionism. Understanding Christian Doctrine in the light of Church History help us to seperate fiction and fads from the facts and doctine of the true Christian faith.

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Great Events in the Story of the Church S$17.70


Christian Focus Publications

Great Events in the Story of the Church

(by Geoffrey Hanks) Starting with the crucifixion of Jesus and ending with the 1974 International Congress on World Evangelisation, Geoffrey Hanks explains the significance of these 36 events on our church today. He traces several themes through the book such as the collating of the scriptures into 66 books and centuries later the publishing of the King James Version of the Bible. The useful information boxes give further details, for instance 'Son of Man', 'indulgences' , 'Calvin at Geneva',...
Heroes & Heretics S$9.80


Heroes & Heretics

For the Christian, history is rich with meaning because we believe in a God who is intimately involved with his creation. Throughout time we see God's sovereign, caring and chastising hand at work to bring about the spread of the gospel and then the recreation of a new universe. One that will once more be in balance and sin is banished to plague us no more. If God is real, and involved, then history bears his fingerprints. Many people profess to be ignorant of church history but to remain so is...
Hitting the Holy Road S$16.80



Hitting the Holy Road

(by Stuart Coulton) This book invites you on a journey through some of the regions and cities which have played a pivotal role in Christian history down through the ages. Along the way it provides you with an overview of the history of the church - warts and all - together with reflections on the lessons we may learn from the past.' Stuart Coulton's lively and accessible survey covers the first fifteen centuries of Christian history, centred on Europe, and includes numerous photographs,...
How is the Gold Become Dim S$22.70


Southern Presbyterian Press

How is the Gold Become Dim

(by Morton Smith) This book was commissioned by the Steering Committee for a Continuing Presbyterian Church, faithful to the Scriptures and to the Reformed Faith. It began as a research project for the Steering Committee, which was to have served the purpose of providing the Committee with reliable references to the deviations by the Presbyterian Church in the United States from the Scripture and from her doctrinal Standards.
In Search of Freedom S$6.50


Gospel Standard Trust Publicat'n

In Search of Freedom

(by J.R. Broome) A history of the Pilgrim Fathers and the founding of New England.
John Knox and the Reformation S$10.20


Banner of Truth Trust

John Knox and the Reformation

(by Martyn Llyod-Jones) It is the duty of all Christians to remember those faithful men from whom they heard the gospel of Christ. For those of Scottish descent no Christian leader deserves more to be remembered than John Knox. Born in Haddington around 1514, he took his stand for the Reformation alongside that 'blessed martyr of Christ', George Wishart. Assured of God's call to the ministry of the Word while at St. Andrews, Knox endured many hardships in bringing the gospel's message to a...

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