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Current Issues/Ethics

While God'sWord does not cover every situation we will face in our lives, it is all sufficinet for living a Christian life. For most things, we can simply see what the bible says and follow the proper course based on that. In ethical questions where scripture does not give explicit instructions, we need to look for principles that can be applied to the situation. We must pray over His Word, and open ourselves to His Spirit. The Spirit will teach us and guide us through the bible to find the principle we need to stand so we may live as Christian should.

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Human cloning S$2.70


Evangelical Press

Human cloning

Previously considered to be in the realm of science fiction, there is now growing speculation that the cloning of human beings is closer than ever. In fact, some allege that it has already happened! This prospect raises huge questions for us all: scientific, ethical, moral and spiritual; and it is not going to go away. It is apparent that it will be one of the most vital issues facing us over the next few years. So, is it just fantasy: or now, in the twenty-first century, has it indeed become...
Responding to the Culture of Death S$4.40


Day One

Responding to the Culture of Death

(by John Ling) Much more than a ‘Primer of bioethical issues’ this moves the heart, and crusades for Christian involvement. Explains the issues and terminology very well. Closely but fluently argued and well referenced. Presents both Biblical answer and challenge to Christians to be involved in pro-life activities.
Where Do We Go from Here? S$5.00


Moody Publishers

Where Do We Go from Here?

(by Erwin Lutzer) No longer is this nation based on godly principles and morality. America is following its leaders willingly into economic, moral and political decline. What are Christians to do? In Where Do We Go from Here?, Erwin Lutzer offers hope and a challenge to Christians, urging them to be agents of change in these increasingly secular times. We must still be faithful ambassadors to Christ and follow Him.
Issues of Life S$6.00


Ambassador emerald international

Issues of Life

Ability does not necessarily imply morality. Just because something is possible does not necessarily mean it is right. Too many Christians today embrace new ideas on the basis of natural feeling and inclination. Then, with their mind made up, they go to the Bible seeking justification for their preconceived view. The Bible ought to be the Christian�s only rule of faith and practice. Its truths are absolute, and should never be looked upon as merely a basis for discussion. We must first...
The Passion Of The Christ S$6.00


The Passion Of The Christ

After months of promotion and discussion, Mel Gibson's movie The Passion of the Christ has finally been released in cinemas all over the world. Never before has a film generated so much debate prior to its release. The Passion promises to provoke further reaction as many people view it. This book contains What You Need to Know About: The Making of the Movie The Message of the Movie The Meaning of the Movie These- and many other- issues are examined in this book. For millions, the film is a...
Not By Bread Alone S$6.50


Banner of Truth Trust

Not By Bread Alone

(by David Broughton Knox) Discusses a wide variety of issues in the contemporary world in which spiritual short-sightedness has had alarming consequences. Among the issues discussed are Race, Punishment, Money, Women's Liberation, War, andHomosexuality.

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