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The Truth will set you free

Current Issues/Ethics

While God'sWord does not cover every situation we will face in our lives, it is all sufficinet for living a Christian life. For most things, we can simply see what the bible says and follow the proper course based on that. In ethical questions where scripture does not give explicit instructions, we need to look for principles that can be applied to the situation. We must pray over His Word, and open ourselves to His Spirit. The Spirit will teach us and guide us through the bible to find the principle we need to stand so we may live as Christian should.

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Idols for Destruction S$21.20


Crossway Books

Idols for Destruction

(by Herbert Schlossberg) This analysis of current events examines the wrong beliefs America has held supreme—"idols" that are to blame for our nation's decay—and suggests how our culture can be healed.
Intoxicated with Babylon S$17.60


Pure life ministries

Intoxicated with Babylon

Steve Gallagher has dedicated his life to helping men overcome sexual sin, and in Intoxicated with Babylon he issues a wake-up call to the church to separate from worldliness and pursue holiness. Looking to Revelation and the letter to the church at Laodicea, Gallagher confronts the spirits of comfort and wealth that have infiltrated the American church. Rediscover the power of a vibrant and pure faith in Christ.
Issues of Life S$6.00


Ambassador emerald international

Issues of Life

Ability does not necessarily imply morality. Just because something is possible does not necessarily mean it is right. Too many Christians today embrace new ideas on the basis of natural feeling and inclination. Then, with their mind made up, they go to the Bible seeking justification for their preconceived view. The Bible ought to be the Christian�s only rule of faith and practice. Its truths are absolute, and should never be looked upon as merely a basis for discussion. We must first...
Jesus And The Feminists : What Do They Say That He Is? S$17.60


Jesus And The Feminists : What Do They Say That He Is?

This resource provides a detailed survey and critique of various feminist interpretations of Jesus and offers a biblical view of men and women in the church and home. The feminist movement has affected every aspect of political and social America, and Christians are becoming increasingly aware of how this movement has impacted the church. The feminist movement has changed the way evangelicals view not only themselves, but also the very Word of God. Jesus and the Feminists begins by offering a...
Kids, Classrooms, and Contemporary Education Probing the Headlin S$12.10


Kregal publications

Kids, Classrooms, and Contemporary Education Probing the Headlin

In a clear, straightforward style that draws from a wealth of insights developed for the popular programs of Probe Ministries, Don Closson relates the Christian faith to the onslaught of our indulgent society. Here are direct answers to your questions concerning youth culture and changes in education. Take a close, inside look at the educational issues and the viewpoints kids and adults must evaluate every day. Find the information you need to be conversant with the issues...and learn how to...
Love your neighbor S$13.20


Crossway Books

Love your neighbor

Love Your Neighbor is a concise introduction to Christian ethics. It begins with a look at the biblical basis for morality, defines and describes various philosophical approaches to the subject of ethics, then connects biblical morality with the idea of absolute truth in philosophy. The book then moves from its philosophical basis to a practical application of Christian ethics, considering a wide range of social, biomedical, and personal issues. It does not take a partisan or denominational...

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