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The Truth will set you free

Evangelism and Mission

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... to Tell the Truth S$8.90


Grace Publication

... to Tell the Truth

(by John Appleby) The burden of these pages is that the bible has much to say on the subject of communicating gospel truth. Just as we would not dream of carelessly ignoring the truth itself, so we cannot justify being careless and unbiblical in presenting that truth to others.
7 Steps to Glory S$11.10


Grace Publication

7 Steps to Glory

(by Frank Allred) Frank Allred writes: "If you have become a Christian recently, or if you are seriously interested and wanting to become one, the ‘Seven Steps to Glory' are addressed to you. In this book, I assume that the reader is persuaded that God exists and that he rewards those who earnestly seek him. For this reason, I do not enter into argument about the existence or the personality of God. My sole purpose is to assist you by explaining simply how to become a Christian or, if...
A Biblical Theology of Missions S$29.00


Moody Publishers

A Biblical Theology of Missions

(by George W. Peters) This exhaustive theology of missions focuses on theory and biblical mandates for missions as a vital part of theology. George Peters, a foremost missions authority, considers both liberal and conservative views, although his own stance is solidly evangelical.
A Faith Worth Sharing S$11.50


P & R Publishing

A Faith Worth Sharing

(by John Miller) In these warm and delightful reflections on his own growth as a witness to the gospel, the late "Jack" Miller tells how he learned to share the Good News, and how we can too. "A perfect blend of solid orthodoxy and effervescent joy."
A Heart for Mission S$10.30


Christian Focus Publications

A Heart for Mission

(by Ron Davies) Most commentators agree that the Protestant Missionary effort really got under way in the late eighteenth century with the formation of the Baptist Missionary Society. Bearing in mind that the Reformation began in the early 16th Century the obvious question that arises is 'Why did it take Protestants nearly 3 centuries to act on Jesus' Great Commission mandate?' This book goes some of the way to explaining why. We are introduced to five Protestant, Christian thinkers who had a...
A Heart for Missions S$17.20


Solid Ground Christian Books

A Heart for Missions

(by Andrew Fuller) "The beloved friend of Andrew Fuller and William Carey, Samuel Pearce (1766-1799), personified the living relation between doctrinal purity and passion for God's glory in evangelism. Pearce participated with boundless energy and sacrifice in the Missionary society work and served as editor of the Periodical Accounts. Not only did he promote the mission cause in England with all his might, he urged William Rogers of the Philadelphia Association to begin a Baptist foreign...

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