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Evangelism and Mission

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A Meal with Jesus S$13.20


Crossway Books

A Meal with Jesus

(by Tim Chester) The meals of Jesus represent something bigger. They represent a new world, a new kingdom, a new outlook. Tim Chester brings to light God’s purposes in the seemingly ordinary act of sharing a meal—how this everyday experience is really an opportunity for grace, community, and mission. Chester challenges contemporary understandings of hospitality as he urges us to evaluate why and who we invite to our table. Learn how you can foster grace and bless others through the rich...
A Mind for Missions S$11.50



A Mind for Missions

(by Paul Borthwick) When starving children with bloated bellies appear on the nightly news, are you tempted to change channels? You're not alone. Borthwick presents 10 building blocks for sensitizing believers to the needs beyond our borders, and for sharpening our global vision. You'll find plenty of practical, ready-to-use ideas to promote involvement---prayer, giving, lifestyle choices, and more. 167 pages, softcover from NavPress.
A Practical Theology of Missions S$19.40


Day One

A Practical Theology of Missions

(by Eric Wright) What is the church’s work of missions, and how should we carry it out? In this thorough study, Eric Wright roots missions solidly in the biblical text while giving modern, real-life examples of how missionary principles can be applied practically. He covers subjects such as missions and God’s kingdom, the validity of mission boards, the role of providence, the necessary spiritual gifts, the multi-ethnic nature of ideal churches, how to avoid dependency, the priority of...
A Vision for Mission S$7.40


Other Publishers

A Vision for Mission

(by Daniel Grimwade) This book is written by Daniel Grimwade with Daniel Webber and Jonathan Bayes The true author of all missionary activity is the Triune God. He has always been more concerned about this work than we could ever be. Therefore, mission work should be seen, first and foremost, as his work, not ours. This insightful, yet refreshingly practical and positive book, encourages all local churches to get involved with the glorious task of worldwide mission. The authors bring us again...
A Vision for Missions S$10.60


Banner of Truth Trust

A Vision for Missions

(by Tom Wells) Tom Wells writes with the conviction that Christians must come back to first principles. Human need and world conditions are not the starting point. The Gospel is a call to know and worship God, and the primary conviction of the messenger must be that God is worthy to be known. The missionary vision must begin with the vision of God. Only then can the Church truly respond to the command to 'declare his glory among the nations'. This is a challenging book, and equally relevant to...
Active Evangelism S$9.70


Christian Focus Publications

Active Evangelism

(by Derek Prime) New theories come and go about methods of evangelism involving psychological concepts, social theory, marketing models, church growth strategy and obscure texts applied more widely than intended. The irony is that we have a model for evangelism staring us in the face in the story of the early church told by Luke through the book of Acts. So, it's time to realign your thoughts on evangelism in tune to what God has to say. It's time for ACTive Evangelism. Derek Prime guides us...

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